Making the most of the Salesforce and Demandware capabilities

October 17, 2016

The integration of Demandware and Salesforce is essential – for both your shoppers and staff.  It ensures enhanced customer experience; the possibility of managing customer data; the ability to understand customer behavior and react wisely. These two cloud platforms also allow you to bring a variety of information regarding customer behavior, products, orders, etc., from […]

Pump Up Your Business with New iOS 10 Features

October 11, 2016

When considering whether or not your mobile application should have all the bells and whistles of iOS 10, also consider this. If your app supports some of the latest functionality in iOS 10, Apple will automatically spotlight it on the first page of the categories which utilize those specific features. The business benefits are obvious […]

Make​ ​Data​ ​Science​ ​an​ ​Essential​ ​Part​ ​of​ ​Your​ ​Advanced​ ​Data​ ​Quality​ ​Program

September 8, 2016 | Olena Medvedyeva

Data quality is key to the productivity of any business. Bad data can have a significant negative impact on decision-making, slow down progress, and cost a fortune to fix. Based on work pioneered by Thomas C. Redman, CoreValue understands the importance of implementing an advanced data quality program, that uses data quality metrics to identify […]

Salesforce FeedPost Insert Ver 19 Internal Error

February 19, 2016

We had some legacy code which was inserting a list of FeedPost object records with and Type property of FeedPost set to ‘LinkPost’. When this code was executed through tests the following error was shown: Internal Salesforce Error: 1193492614-80874 (1499770691) (1499770691) Stack Trace: null We have opened a ticket against Salesforce support on the 10th […]

Salesforce Exception Collections Internal Error

February 19, 2016

We had some legacy code which was storing exceptions happening during future methods into Salesforce custom object. This tool had some code which was converting a single exception into a list and then iteration over the list was performed. This issue could be reproduced by the following snippet: try { String testString; Boolean testBool = […]

When System Performance meets Data Science

February 3, 2016

Data Science combines mathematics, statistics, programming applied to collected data and activities to clean, prepare – stage the data. In few words, it is the scientific approach to knowledge extraction from data.  Hopefully, the knowledge extracted is aligned with business needs and of real value! Done correctly, Data Science provides actionable, valuable intelligence from massive volumes […]

Mobile application testing

February 2, 2016

A mobile app is a software program developed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Until recently mobile applications were holding a pretty tiny part of the IT market, positioning themselves rather as a tool for entertainment, than a full software. Today, when the Internet can be accessed much faster through […]

Fault tolerance quality attribute

January 4, 2016

Nowadays, we critically depend of the vast number of software products. They do their job every minute of our life and some of these minutes are really challenging for them. While we become more and more aware of software development complexity, an average end-user doesn’t get filled with compassion and understanding when an application he/she […]

Contexts for Data Validation and Verification

December 14, 2015

“The one who owns information, owns the world” W. Churchill Data is one of the main assets for a company. Corrupted, inaccurate, or invalid data can lead to loss of the reputation, money, clients or other business artifacts. That’s the reason why Data Validation and Verification provision may be among the top-priority business objectives. Data […]

Salesforce Run Specified Tests Feature

December 7, 2015

There is one new very cool feature called “run specified tests”. Whenever you run your deployment or validation you may now select unit tests you want to run! This can save deployment or validation time tremendously! This feature has been initially introduced in the Summer’15 Release ( you may refer to related Release notes here or […]