Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company – Commercial Distribution

February 11, 2011

Challenge: As part of a post merger integration effort, an inherited network of Global Purchasing Organization (GPO) post-merger members and Performance Participation Agreements (PPAs) needed to be assigned to pricing groups on a quarterly basis based on market share and sales performance of each member. Critical Issues: Manual contract commitment and performance management process inherited […]

Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support

February 11, 2011

Challenge: Increase stability and output of the eDiscovery Platform while maintaining high degree of quality and accuracy. Critical Issues: Technology and know-how of enterprise level systems. Vision: CoreValue Services was hired to develop eDiscovery 3.0 platform to automate the extraction and presentation of critical discovery information from sources like Word documents, emails and spreadsheets. Output […]

The Hidden Opportunity of Intellectual Property

February 11, 2011

Global Annual Licensing revenue Licensing is truly a global opportunity with over $150B in annual license revenue realized in 1998. Experts project growth at 30% CAGR to over $500B by 2010.

Trends in industry indicate that the best run companies are beginning to exploit their Intellectual Property. The tide is beginning to turn toward those companies that can effectively organize and monetize what they have. However, most companies neither have the skills nor access to the skills required to effectively manage this Commercialization Value Chain.

Managing Intellectual Property

February 11, 2011

Managing Intellectual Property Despite the apparent value of their intellectual property assets, most companies fail to manage well on two levels. Not only do they leave value unrealized through dormant intellectual property, but most fail to economically manage the revenues from intellectual property they currently realize through licensing.

There are no standards, processes or best practices capabilities within industry to help companies get control of and monetize their IP. Recent estimates from the Financial Times estimate that companies are currently using less than 25% of their current IP portfolios and are just now beginning to focus on getting value from these underutilized assets.