CoreClinical Has Joined MAGI Industry Group

Today, CoreValue Subsidiary CoreClinical has joined MAGI industry group. CoreClinical is focused on bringing clarity and visibility to financial and disclosure side of the Clinical Trial Process. CoreClinical also addresses patient recruiting in the largest European Country, Ukraine.

About MAGI: “MAGI’s mission is to standardize best practices for clinical research operations, business and regulatory compliance. “MAGI” is pronounced with “G” as in Georgia and “I” as in Ireland. “MAGI” originally stood for Model Agreement Group Initiative, but our scope is now much broader than clinical trial agreements, so the acronym has no meaning”. Igor Kruglyak, co-founder of CoreClinical said: “Joining MAGI is an important step for CoreClinical as it promotes, uses and extends best clinical practices and patient vigilance.”

Fanwood NJ, Lviv, Ukraine

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