CoreValue’s Partner,, included in Top Five Startups You Should Follow

February 22, 2011

CoreValue is happy about the growing success and recognition of one of its partners,, that was included in Top Five Startups You Should Follow list, maintained by Mass High Tech.

CoreValue was glad to provide the assistance and technological expertise during’s development. Our highly-qualified IT staff added their knowledge and skills to the cooperative effort. The value of such partnerships cannot be overstated, as all parties gain new experience, insights, achieve better efficiency, and get an optimized practical result.

About Ziptivity: Concord-based Ziptivity LLC is an online event calendar and search engine for families with young children. It allows users to find family-friendly activities in their area easily or alert others of the events that they are organizing themselves. It connects families and keeps them updated of each-other’s important events.

CoreValue Services is happy to be partners of a project that supports family values.

Concord, MA, Fanwood, NJ, USA




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