Custom Portal & Software Engineering

February 11, 2011

CoreValue Custom Portal And Software Engineering
CoreValue offers custom portal creation and software engineering services. Our team leverages extensive experience in corporate portal building and integration with various software packages, both off-the-shelf and custom built. We are ready to set up and customize your enterprise information management systems and e-commerce solutions. We also offer IT consulting services.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal
  • BEA Weblogic Portal
  • IBM Websphere

Enterprise Information Management Systems

  • CRM, ECM, VoIP and wireless software solutions, payment and billing systems, backup software, regulatory solutions development, including C/C++, C# (.NET), J2EE, VB, Delphi development
  • Integration, customization and configuration of major ECM solutions from leading vendors, Microsoft SharePoint, SaaS models built with .Net, Java, PHP and Ruby on Rails technologies
  • E-commerce solutions and payment systems built by using J2EE, MS SQL, Oracle, AJAX, Hibernate, Spring, PHP, Flash

Open Source Software Tailoring

  • Open Source software for e-commerce and business integration projects
  • Upgrading and supporting Open Source software

IT Consulting

  • Software architecture review
  • Software performance assessment
  • Software source code refactoring
  • Software performance optimization
  • Technology audit and consulting




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