Legal Network Software

CoreValue Legal Network Sodtware

CoreValue had successfully developed and deployed software solutions for legal networks.

Our legal network software system was developed to help several large legal networks to manage legal cases (lawsuits). Our Case Management System was deployed to more than 24 law firms and trustee operations. It is an internet-based solution and can be accessed via an internet browser from multiple geographical locations simultaneously.

The key to the Case Management System is the tight integration of data management, workflow processing and document production to rapidly handle the myriad of tasks necessary to effectively prosecute foreclosure, bankruptcy, replevin and eviction cases to completion within agency and investor time frames.

All the cases are housed in a central SQL database in industry-standard data formats that comply with MISMO standards. Case information can be shared with staff via custom-designed or stock reports, by data transfer directly to other systems (Lenstar, iClear, New Invoice, New Trak and others), or indirectly by viewing the cases online.

Main features of our Case Management System:

  • Case management and tracking
  • Tracking all milestones of a case from the beginning to the end
  • Redirecting work to the correct processor
  • Escalating critical events
  • Reporting results to clients
  • Data integration
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Submitting invoices and getting paid electronically
  • Scanning and image management
  • Document processing
  • Indexing and coding
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