Learnability Quality Attribute

LearnabilityWe continue the series of posts dedicated to usability quality attributes that we’ve started with “Mobile Usability Testing”. The previous post was about “Understandability” and today we will talk about the Learnability quality attribute. Learnability is the ability of a software product to enable the user to learn how to use it.
Having this attribute the system shall enable the user to learn the application. The users in this specific case are system developers, IT department, testers or other application administrating people who need to learn the system. These specific users need to have more profound knowledge of the system to accomplish its administration and management. In other words they should become advanced users of the system (super-users, admin users, etc.). Learnability says how fast and easy those personnel can have the overall system knowledge. This includes, on the one hand, the system capability to be easily learnable the user through its interface, operations, tips, familiar style, etc., and on the other, the documentation that can give these advanced users all the system capabilities and operations.

Therefore, learnability testing should include 2 parts correspondingly:

  1. We use a focus-group and measure how much time it takes for them to learn it without any system documentation AND
  2. with the system documentation (user guides, manuals, technical specifications, help, demos, etc.)

Of course, in both cases feedback check-lists are collected, time metrics are created, and all these data are analyzed.
Separately, the system documentation shall be checked for a good writing, no grammar mistakes, correspondence with real functionality, understandability and accessibility. The user documentation and the help system should be complete, the help should be context sensitive and explain how to achieve common tasks, etc.
Next we’ll discuss the Operability attribute.

Yulia has been with Core Value as a QA Manager for over 4 years.  Yulia enjoys physical training, travelling, and playing the piano.


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