LOGS Network Becomes CoreValue Customer

March 20, 2010

LOGS Network has chosen CoreValue to facilitate accelerated development and deployment of state-of-the-art technology. CoreValue has provided additional technological expertise and a robust mobile framework. CoreValue’s proven value-plus approach and technical diligence has assisted customers like LOGS Network to achieve both business and budgetary goals. As the result an iPhone application is now available on Apple® App Store to assist LOGS Network clients in communicating with offices throughout the country.

“We are confident in our choice of CoreValue, based on the results of our mobile application project and years of using them as a technology vendor” said Gerald Alt, President of LOGS Network. “They showed complete technological knowledge, delivered the required work results with flexibility and adaptability, and all under tight deadlines.”

Igor Kruglyak, President of CoreValue: “We are excited to continue our work with LOGS Network a trendsetter in real-estate legal and title services. We continue to extend our technical and business knowledge to support our customers.”

About LOGS Network: LOGS Network is a trendsetter in real estate-related legal and title services. Our unique workflow-based process-driven approach to delinquent loan resolution process will transform your business and lead you into the future of default management. With a vast array of strategic business services and technology products, we have the right tools to help you build your business. Our industry expertise and leadership is evident in our proactive, process-oriented default management solutions, each of which is designed to engineer performance, mitigate risk, curtail expense, improve profitability, and drive performance.

About CoreValue: By focusing on a big picture, CoreValue produced several custom-engineered technical solutions, created services and support teams for it. Adding a hosting in 2005, CoreValue was able to service mid-tier and small businesses without requiring significant IT investments. Operating a development center in Ukraine and having on-site personnel, CoreValue offers a unique opportunity to its customers by providing the low-cost development at a very high quality. While focusing primarily on two business areas, – Intellectual Property Management and Consumer Real-estate – CoreValue has been offering its customers additional services by enabling inter-operation of current key and legacy application. Utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and enterprise-ready Data Exchange™ technology CoreValue has tied key financial systems of its clients to Banks Electronic Payment Systems (EPS), Work Order (Referral) systems and Billing. In March 2006, CoreValue released its Intellectual Property Management Portal Hosting Service powered by the industry leading ICM Manage + technology.

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