Pump Up Your Business with New iOS 10 Features

When considering whether or not your mobile application should have all the bells and whistles of iOS 10, also consider this. If your app supports some of the latest functionality in iOS 10, Apple will automatically spotlight it on the first page of the categories which utilize those specific features.

The business benefits are obvious — free advertising and increased visibility, which could potentially lead to an increased number of users for your app.

Let’s see what the new iOS 10 features can do for your mobile apps.

  • The iOS 10 notification functionality can enrich content delivery by allowing preview of new documents directly in the notification message.
  • The new SiriKit allows your users to give voice commands in natural language like you are talking with your colleagues.
  • Your new mobile marketing campaign will look really cool with branded iMessage stickers.
  • Field service workers can do their paper work directly from iMessage chat.
  • Integrate GPS navigation to a client property using standard Maps.
  • With a VoIP corporate app using the full screen native UI, users can answer incoming calls with a finger slide.

We at CoreValue have developed a set of core practices to jumpstart each mobility project, and provide a wide set of capabilities to enable a variety of mobile engagements. We can quickly and easily help you be up-to-date with the latest functionalities provided by iOS 10.

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