Recyclebank: Technology to Drive Environment Protection

November 21, 2017

For almost 8 years, CoreValue has been working on technical aspects of successful worldwide eco-conscious project by Recyclebank. The objective of the project was to raise the level of citizens’ eco-consciousness around the world.  


Recyclebank was founded in 2004. To incentivize Americans to conserve and recycle, participating households received points for the amount of waste they recycled.  Amounts were calculated through the use of RFID chips embedded into the recycling container.  This allowed participants of the Recyclebank’s program to check their bonus balance online and exchange bonus coupons for discounts at such retailers as Starbucks, The Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others.

Recyclebank suggested an idea of a single box for all the waste that can be recycled. All recyclables were collected into one bin and weighed. Afterward, bonus points were given for the total amount of this waste.

People in different countries join Recyclebank for different reasons. Additionally, every member who registers online can earn points on the Internet and gain more knowledge of how to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Points can be earned for taking quizzes and tests, as well as reading blogs that convey information on waste sorting.

The program has been carried out successfully due to both public and private support.
recycling mobile app by CoreValue

How did CoreValue experience working on the project?

CoreValue has worked on this project for almost 8 years. According to Liubomyr Seniuk, CTO at CoreValue, “We were glad to join an initiative aimed at saving the environment. It was very interesting to work with such ideologically inspired people, for whom protection of the environment is a style of life.”

CoreValue developed the green e-commerce solution that currently has an audience of over 4 million visitors. Our team redesigned the client’s rewards catalogue while moving it to a new enterprise system; they also significantly enriched its functionality, added a self-standing mobile component and applied gamification feature strategy in order to keep audience engaged within the recycling process and make tracking of recycling easier in general. The key custom functionalities include admin panel, customer support, process automation of buying discounts for an integrated online shop, customization of customer balance and transaction modules, push notifications and sending emails, integrated separate advertising service, and comprehensive reporting solution.

Recyclebank e-commerce solution by CoreValue

“We have been working on the technical part of the site for many years. We extended and improved admin panel, developed e-commerce and mobile applications. There was a period when a third of the company was working on the project. The entire staff numbered 30 people back then. Now there are 350 people working for our company. And nowadays we are mostly maintaining the overall system,” the CTO tells.




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