Software Testing

February 11, 2011

Software Testing at CoreValue

CoreValue offers a wide range of software testing services. Our well-structured and cost-effective approach is based on best practices in the industry. Our testing teams adhere to the highest quality standards and leverage our extensive experience of software testing in different environments.

By outsourcing your software testing needs to us, and you’ll save money and resources, and free up your own staff. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your core operations, while we make sure that your software products perform their intended functions flawlessly.

Why Is Software Testing And Validation Important?

Ensuring that a system is fully tested before being used in production is absolutely essential. Software defects can impact your business performance and credibility. Today precision is very important when it comes to software applications. Even a small mistake in the software can have disastrous effects for the client. For example, if a bank software has a mistake and gives out a wrong balance, it can cause trouble either for the bank or its customers.

Why CoreValue?

At CoreValue we enhance the quality of your software and web applications via extensive testing. Or testing teams ensure the best software functionality, performance and security at every stage of software development lifecycle.

We carry out manual and automated testing, perform software analysis, and provide detailed reports to our customers.

Tracking what has been tested, by whom, how, and to what standard, becomes very complex, if it is not managed properly from the outset of the project. By following a structured approach to testing and validation, our CVSI testing teams avoid unnecessary confusion, and guarantee a higher quality end product.




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