Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform designed to help you create a centralized hub for your company websites, document management, file management, collaboration spaces, social networking tools, enterprise search, business intelligence tooling, process/information integration, and third-party developed solutions.

The all-encompassing integration and compatibility of SharePoint, along with its high potential for customization, allow it to be implemented as an all-in one solution, specifically tailored to suit many of your business needs.

A SharePoint-based corporate portal allows employees to work and communicate more efficiently, and to avoid confusion in document management and project planning. SharePoint business intelligence tools provide quick access to necessary information in the form of customized reports to aid decision-making. SharePoint can also be used for website content management with complete visual customization and branding.

SharePoint Solutions Brochure

Download SharePoint Solutions brochure to know more about CoreValue approach to SharePoint solutions development.

Find Your SharePoint Solution with CoreValue

CoreValue is ready to design a SharePoint solution that best suits the business needs of your company. Our experienced team of SharePoint consultants and developers will provide professional consulting and support for you on all stages of the development process, from business requirements, to architectural planning, farm configuration, development of customizations, and up to extensive performance testing.

Architecting a SharePoint solution typically proceeds as follows:

  1. Defining the scope and main business requirements
  2. Selecting out-of-the box components and services of SharePoint to be used
  3. Security schema planning (which includes defining user roles, restricting permissions, configuring data protection)
  4. Specifying additional custom component that have to be developed
  5. Creating a prototype


Our experience includes:

Security schema configuration

  • Claims and classic authentication mode
  • Kerberos delegation setup
  • Forms Based Authentication
  • SSL
  • Multi-tenant configuration


  • Business intelligence reporting tools:
    • SQL Server Analysis Services
    • Performance Point
    • Excel Services
    • Power Pivot Services
    • SQL Server Reporting Service
  • Business Connectivity Services & external data
  • SharePoint and Microstrategy integration


  • Tasks automation using PowerShell scripts
  • Content deployment
  • Automated backup

Customization & Development

  • Custom web-part development
  • Custom features development
  • Custom workflow schemas
  • Branding solutions for SharePoint, with strong designer and HTML coder support

Testing & Performance

  • Farm health monitoring
  • Performance testing using Visual Studio Load Testing with simultaneous health monitoring for every server in the farm
  • Fine performance tuning and optimization
  • Cache control