Salesforce mobile app development

Satisfies diverse enterprise needs so you can build apps for employees, customers, and partners. Use app cloud mobile to instantly deploy core apps to your users with Salesforce1, build native Android, iOS and Windows apps with the mobile SDK,
and design and run massively scalable mobile backends on Heroku.


Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce mobile benefits

Ensuring business effectiveness through mobile development

CoreValue helps provide easy access to critical information and run effective collaboration with your team on-the-go.
Salesforce Mobile
  • Providing customised mobile solutions.
  • Better customer service with easy access to your products and services through mobile.
  • Extending business processes across various mobile devices.
  • Increased operational efficiency of your employees.
  • Ensuring branding across all your mobile channels.

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CoreValue’s expertise in Salesforce

  • 5+ years of providing Salesforce mobile solutions
  • 100+ successfully delivered projects
  • 45+ Salesforce experts
  • 55+ Certificates
  • UX and business analysis expertise
  • Native and cross-platform development
  • Back-end implementation
  • Mobile QA practices
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • Salesforce Mobile
  • Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce mobile best practices

Salesforce Mobile

Enhanced customer engagement and conversion rates

We helped the financial consulting company significantly increase its business with a mobile CRM that automatically connects to social media platforms, allowing access to valuable information that will further enhance engagements with current
and future customers
Salesforce Mobile

B2B mobile app for tobacco retailers across the globe

We delivered a gamified mobile app that not only increased brand awareness but also improved sales performance among tobacco retailers by displaying available items and allowing users to place orders directly.
Salesforce Mobile
“CoreValue helped our integrated team of sales, marketing and customer service remain connected in the real time through the custom Salesforce-based mobile apps that are aligned both with our corporate identity and business processes.”
Chief Strategy Officer of a financial consulting firm
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