The Hidden Opportunity of Intellectual Property

February 11, 2011

Licensing is truly a global opportunity with over $150B in annual license revenue realized in 1998. Experts project growth at 30% CAGR to over $500B by 2010.

Global Annual Licensing revenue

Trends in industry indicate that the best run companies are beginning to exploit their IP. IBM, for example, grew licensing revenue from $30 Million in 1990 to over $1.7 Billion in 2000. Texas Instruments generated over $2 Billion in licensing revenue from Samsung and Hyundai while Qualcomm generated $705 Million in licensing revenue in 2000. The tide is beginning to turn toward those companies that can effectively organize and monetize what they have. However, most companies neither have the skills nor access to the skills required to effectively manage this Commercialization Value Chain.

The Commercialization Value Chain

While most companies are collecting IP information and storing it in some way (spreadsheets, small database applications, file cabinets, etc.), few have coordinated and organized ways to collect and manage IP information. They need a system to automate the process, which at a minimum provides querying and reporting capabilities, and incorporates best practices and operational capabilities. These companies recognize the need to get control of these assets and manage them in a much more professional and organized environment. Once managed properly, the liabilities due to mismanagement of obligations along with the better and more accurate royalty tracking, collections and reporting can significantly reduce costs, increase revenues and reduce overall liability.

Once companies have achieved operational control of their current IP agreements and licenses, they then face the challenge of fully exploiting and commercializing their IP. Through the unique combination of our technology and the institutional knowledge created through the assembly of all IP in one place along with our partnerships focused on particular application areas as well as vertical markets, CoreValue Solutions is positioned to assist our customers with the commercialization of their IP whether they use our tools internally or utilize one of our partnerships to provide a complete solution.




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