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Client Feedback

After working with CoreValue for over four (4) years now, we have found the collaboration to be a very positive experience. Their team is always knowledgeable and professional, and their services, especially in the areas of development and Q.A., have allowed us to utilize the latest technologies to totally transform our business.

Allan Fraser, Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants


Working together for over two years, CoreValue and Trov developed an advanced, comprehensive Business Intelligence solution with complex architecture.

Status of Engagement 2016 − ongoing
Team involved 6 people

Client Description

Trov is world’s leading on-demand insurance technology company, revolutionizing the way people protect the things they care about. Trov is available in Australia and the UK, and is rolling out in the US in 2018. Trov© closed $56 million in Series D funding in 2017, bringing its total funding to more than $97 million.


As a fast-growing start-up, Trov needed a reporting solution to help them make faster business decisions, while monitoring growth and sharing pertinent information/stats with appropriate management groups and partners. As Trov operates in several countries, all data across focused markets had been separate.

CoreValue’s Role and Solution

The project goal was to gather all data from various sources, including those broken by country, into one solution. Working together for over two years, CoreValue and Trov developed an advanced, comprehensive Business Intelligence solution with complex architecture.
As the first step, we designed and built a data warehouse using the services of Amazon Redshift, primarily because Amazon already hosted Trov’s infrastructure. The data warehouse was designed by using Kimball’s approach, and consists of data marts for specific business areas such as Executives and Marketing.
Another part of the solution was the development of an ETL process using an open-source tool, Talend. The ETL process was designed in a way to support Redshift’s micro batch loading architecture. It is hosted on an Amazon EC2 Linux machine and is managed by a custom solution that gives us flexibility in jobs scheduling, execution and maintenance.
All of this established a stable foundation for data pre-processing that resulted in better data use by the reporting tool. The BI solution enriched and pre-processed data from multiple sources including MySQL, CSVs, iTunes, Google Play, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and various other web services.
In order to build an effective data visualization solution for the Trov team, we opted for Tableau BI and analytic software, both Desktop for creating dashboards and Server for hosting and viewing dashboards. In order to improve UX, we built a separate custom web page on Amazon. The page replicates all the dashboards set up in Tableau which improved user experience. A user can now easily go through the all-in-one-place reporting environment with advanced filter and row-level security functionalities, to name a few.

What’s inside

At the moment, there are ten main comprehensive dashboards with multiple metrics, graphs and diagrams, and daily reports that land in a user’s inbox. Product performance, event funneling, marketing and cohort analysis are some of the dashboards from the list. Daily reports send fresh data at specific times for specific user groups; there is a list of metrics for the specific time frames – “yesterday” and “90 days” are included in the daily reports.
For advanced searching and filtering, we built custom JavaScript functionality that enables data filtering for all dashboards simultaneously. A user no longer needs to set up a specific filter for every dashboard in which they are interested. These main filters include Country and Date range, but there is also an abundance of individual filters for every single dashboard.

What’s next

CoreValue and Trov continue their collaboration. Our project team has increased to six people and we extended our cooperation in other directions, such as data preparation for accounting as well as the client’s partners.
Additionally, we are in the process of developing an Automated Testing procedure in Python, which consists of generating data for various test cases and writing it to tables in Redshift. This results in queries used for ETL to be executed on these tables and the results compared to the generated values.

CoreValue’s ability to keep up with everything that Milrose wants to do has kept them coming back for more.

Are you wondering what distinguishes CoreValue from other providers? We are unique because all of our resources are top quality and focused on excellent service delivery. CoreValue will always deliver secure technological infrastructures and processes that will support new technology initiatives, so that clients like M3 can better serve their consumers.

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