AnchorID - AnchorID


– WHAT IS AN AnchorID?

An AnchorID is a username that you can use to log in to any participating website or mobile app.

In addition to being the world’s most convenient username, Anchor ID’s multifactor authentication platform provides advanced security with up to three factors of authentication:

  • something you know (your Universal Username and PINcode);
  • something you have (your smartphone), and;
  • something you are (your voice).

And it’s easy to use: simply follow the prompts on your smartphone screen.

For consumers, Anchor ID makes online life as simple as possible to secure.
For developers, Anchor ID lets you virtually eliminate customer account takeover and fraud.

With our patent-pending multifactor authentication platform, your customers can easily access their accounts without the worry that their passwords are being used without authorization.

Developer tools allow you to control minimum authentication levels. Our patent-pending combination of secure communications, unique identifiers, multiple layers of SSL certificates, and mobile technology, insures that your multi-factor authentication is both secure and efficient.

  • Android SDK/Java/Eclipse
  • iOS SDK/Objective-C/xCode