Trigger control 01 - Trigger Control, a New App by CoreValue - a case study

A New App by CoreValue – a Case Study


It’s simple and intuitive. Everybody can make use of it. It’s free and soon available on AppExchange

Mykola Senyk, Product Owner, CoreValue

Project Overview

In 2018, our development team had an idea to create specific functionality for developers to work separately with triggers. Presently, Salesforce developers and admins need an actionable solution to decrease time for processing triggers, while increasing the efficiency of the component structuralization.

Team involved 3 people
Technologies Apex, Custom Metadata Type

Trigger Control Features

Our application:

  • simplifies work with DataLoader.
  • enables a basic user (non-programmer) to see and understand the purpose of any trigger.
  • simplifies adding/deleting a new trigger functionality.
  • guarantees a stable order of trigger execution for the same object.
  • enables isolated testing of a separate trigger action.
  • simplifies creation of unit testing.


As a solution, we built a unique product called Trigger Control, a managed package on the platform that helps to organize triggers in a Salesforce organization, giving developers and admins more control over triggers than ever before. The app allows triggers to be built using small logic elements, while obtaining full control of those parts individually.

The application is uncomplicated for use on a daily basis for


  • Who will have the ability to temporarily deactivate triggers in order to use DataLoader more effectively.
  • Who will be able to view available trigger descriptions in order to understand what is contained in their trigger system and how it affects system functionality.


  • Who will have the ability to build new business logic without fear of harm to existing trigger functionality.
  • Who will have the ability to develop new triggers through a significantly simplified process.
  • Who will be able to create a unit test for a single trigger action, and write integration test for complex functionality.
  • Who will be able to apply the same trigger action for different objects, when implementation of similar functionality for multiple objects is required.
  • Who will be able to reuse trigger actions in different orgs without major changes, because a trigger action is an isolated piece of functionality that can be packed and spread easily shared.

The product is Lightning-ready and supports both Lightning experience and Salesforce Classic. It is free for download from AppExchange.

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