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75% of enterprise applications will use AI by 2021.
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What is in Artificial Intelligence for You?

AI Strategy to Optimize your Solution

AI techniques applied to your data for better business efficiency.

If you need:
  • Data strategy research and consulting.
  • Guidance on AI-powered solutions implementation.
  • Legacy software to be updated with the right technologies.
  • Analyze your data sources and create a data hub.
  • Data science team extension.
You get:
  • Integrated workflows with eliminated risks.
  • Increased profitability and identified competitive advantage.
  • Improved insight into customer behavior.
  • Generated insight from unstructured data.

Extension of AI

Integration of machine learning techniques and deep learning libraries into data-driven enterprise solutions.

If you need:
  • AI-powered products or solutions.
  • Augmented team for your running AI-project.
  • Implement predictive analytics.
  • Additional capabilities for your AI tools integrations.
  • Adoption of advanced analytics based on your data hub.
You get:
  • Additional capabilities and knowledge base.
  • Extended computational capacities.
  • Integrated AI within your infrastructure.
  • Predictive machine learning to make predictions on new data.


Pre-built Cloud-based AI Enablement

Modern AI services and products with pre-trained models to build your own tailored models.

If you need:
  • Accelerated AI-powered application development.
  • Additional integrations and scalability for your ready-made solutions.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions fitting your business needs.
You get:
  • Most diverse set of AI services.
  • All-in-one customized solutions.
  • Better connectivity and flexibility.

CoreValue helps envision your AI plan and employ the right AI technology as a real tool for making machines sense, comprehend, learn and act on their own or to augment human actions to enable your business growth. With a focus on machine learning, predictive analytics, computer vision and natural language processing we can help automate business processes and improve your ROI.

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Why Choose CoreValue for Your AI Solution?

Complete Technology Pool

CoreValue data science team provides the whole range of Artificial Intelligence techniques and services to start your AI project applying advanced analytics in your business.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Deep Learning
Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Neural Networks
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
Automated Customer Interactions
Automated Customer Interactions
Intelligent Cybersecurity
Intelligent Cybersecurity

Proved Approach to Data Preparation

Trust and transparency when working with your data. Getting aggregated raw data prepared the right way require it to be specifically processed, including refactoring, normalization,one-hot encoding, scaling, formatting, decomposition, PCA, etc. so that datasets can produce useful insights and make your AI return of investment justified.

Real-World AI Implementation and Deployment

40% of our projects employ AI-powered solutions. From face recognition to conversational AI and chatbots and up to intelligent analytics and prediction, CoreValue help customers all over the globe make better decisions through actual AI-powered solutions, innovative analytics, and data intelligence services to make smart, intuitive and informed decisions.

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How CoreValue Delivers AI

The projects differ depending on their volume, type, goals etc. We follow some basic AI project delivery workflow in order for you to consider benefits and risks at every single stage and to optimize costs.



AI potential 2-3 weeks

  • Evaluation of the business case specifics.
  • Exploration how to use data efficiently.
  • Determination of the Data science team competencies.
  • Time and cost estimates.

Feasibility Check

4 – 5 weeks

  • Determination the ways and processes of the proposed AI solution.
  • Definition of the end-to-end solution and opportunities it offers.
  • Estimation of the risks and how data can be used to solve your business need.
  • Verification of the tech stack and tools effective for project success.

Prototyping (POC/MVP)

1 – 3 months

  • Building a prototype of the model.
  • Deployment in test environment.
  • Finalization and verification.


2 – 4 months

  • Application development and testing.
  • Data engineering.
  • ML model training.
  • Integrations with the existing systems/platforms.
  • Provision of tech documentation.



  • Adjustments and support.
  • Continuous data gather and Dataset enlargement.
  • Data models verifications and monitoring.

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AI Expertise that Works for Your Business


Machine Learning

Our custom AI-powered solutions incorporate machine learning algorithms and deep learning tools that offer deeper hidden insights of data for exhaustive and smarter recommendations resulting in faster and better decision making.

UMA, an AI-powered Enterprise Digital Assistant

Co-developed with our partner, Ammi Systems, Uma, a digital assistant uses cutting-edge voice technology to organise your day and enable enterprises to boost efficiency and productivity. It checks and manages your calendar to simplify the organising and booking meeting space according to your meeting room preferences. Uma also provides unique data-driven insight into the use of your facilities and enterprise software. Seamlessly integrating with G-Suite and Office365, you can communicate with Uma via enterprise chat platforms including Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype, or your own voice.


Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) used in the AI solutions by CoreValue data science team enable deeper analysis and interactions and predictions by automatic extraction of business-critical insights and trends from vast pools of structured and unstructured data.

NLP vs Custom Algorithm for Better Decision Making

We picked sentiment analysis as the most critical measurement of users’ opinions and compared the results from Cloud Google Natural Language processing API, and the CoreValue sentiment analysis algorithm built from the ground up by our data science team and came up with the outcomes that custom algorithm offers more control, increased efficiency,full customisation, costs reduction and more accurate insights, and right focusing on the growth of the business.

Technologies: Cloud Natural Language API by Google, Machine Learning


Computer Vision

Computer Vision techniques adopted by CoreValue team for AI solutions development accelerate intelligent automation for image and object detection, image recognition and processing.

Facial recognition. Smart Security System.

We are implementing a new smart security system for our own corporate needs with the intention of powering it with human-machine conversations. Having all the tech potential at hand, we are utilizing a pretty accurate face authentication algorithm employing neural networks.

Technologies: Pretrained Facenet, MTCNN, Python, node.js, our own neural network, Orient DB, javascript, angular 6,


Predictions & Optimization

CoreValue expert team helps clients make faster optimal business decisions by predicting future outcomes with the help of integrating real-time big data mining and custom advanced analytics.

Data Processing with Einstein Analytics

Flexible solution for economic performance analytics, which could be customized depending on various parameters. The data is gathered, and processed accurately and timely, e.g., KPI, charts, dashboards, processes and other means for analytics and statistics. Seamless big data analysis across all conceivable devices and native integrations with other solutions and software allow for monitoring the correlation and dynamic presentation of the incoming data according to required dimensions.

Technologies: SAQL, JSON, Salesforce Einstein Analytics

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Industry Applications for AI

CoreValue R&D and data science team offers an opportunity for our partners to employ our expertise in AI to explore the best ways to advance your business. The solutions and smart systems with AI capabilities built by CoreValue bring meaningful results and open new possibilities for better decision-making to industry players within fintech, retail, manufacturing, health care and life science.

  • AI-driven processes for business extension and augmentation.

Artificial Intelligence optimizes your business processes and reduces complexities by linking disrupting technologies, people and processes.

  • AI for dark data discovery to power business automation.

Enables meaning detection in your big data to identify patterns and achieve actionable business outcomes.

Results for your business growth with our AI and machine learning expertise.

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Engaging AI with Related Technologies from CoreValue

 Fill 1 - Artificial Intelligence

BI and Big Data

Well-implemented data models are capable of getting reliable results from AI. Our R&D lab team can quickly evaluate technology options and tools that will work best with your company’s digital environment for more effective decision-making. Providing diverse Business Intelligence solutions within the Analytics domain.

 Data Visualization and Reporting - Artificial Intelligence

Data Visualization and Reporting

We implement algorithms that convert structured and unstructured data into charts, diagrams, dashboards, scorecards and spreadsheets with interactive visual exploration and self-service data preparation and management options. From Microsoft Power BI,Tableau,Exago,Birst, Sisense to SAP Crystal Reports, Looker, QlikView, TIBCO Jaspersoft and D3 JS, we can help you transform the way you process and act on insights.

Decision Support - Artificial Intelligence

Decision Support

Decision support by CoreValue comprises development of ETL flows, data warehouse, and embedded analytical models to ensure data integration within storage platforms, deployment of scalable BI infrastructure used on-premises or cloud environment.embedded analytics integrated into the existing systems, e.g., CRM, ERP, marketing automation, financial systems, etc., which can help introduce new targeted information to support additional awareness, decisions-making, or analytic capability related to very specific tasks.

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