Avoid expensive third-party apps for Salesforce through smart custom development

Avoid expensive third-party apps for Salesforce through smart custom development

October 28, 2016

In today’s competitive business world, great marketing and sales departments are not enough to succeed. You also need effective data analysis that can provide the kind of actionable insight your whole team can use to achieve maximum productivity.

Salesforce currently dominates the Cloud CRM market, but while the platform is capable of providing massive leverage for your business with its extensive built-in feature set, there are still some “industry-specific” things it cannot do right out of the box. This is where the huge collection of add-ons and plugins in SalesforceAppExchange comes to the rescue.

However, the purchase of those apps often present another unwanted problem — the high cost of annual or monthly user fees. Moreover, those fees can become an even bigger drag on your long term finances when your team grows and your monthly or annual costs grow with it.

There is a much more cost effective and efficient alternative — build your own custom solution. Although you may shy away from custom development because it seems like a time consuming effort, there are distinct benefits:

  • the ability to eliminate thousands of dollars in monthly or annual user fees for 3d party apps;
  • the ability to create a solution that is fine-tuned to your exact demands without unnecessary bells and whistles;
  • the ability to retain full control over the created add-on, including all pages and classes;
  • familiarity with the code and overall structure of the solution for later adjustments;
  • the ability to avoid the risks of a 3d party app being broken or not supported anymore, and having no ability to fix it.   

To illustrate the point, consider gamification apps. In sales context, gamification is the technique of turning everyday activities, such as phone calls, emails, deals closed, leads converted, etc., into a fun and engaging competition. Some of the popular gamification apps are LevelEleven, Hoopla, PowerDialer, and Ambition. However, many of these apps come with hefty price tags. Such a cost is not what you expect from an ordinary gamification app.

When a client approached us for help with just this problem, CoreValue built a custom gamification solution that enabled easy competition setup, as well as tracking desired metrics and performance. The client decided on the look and feel of the solution, data model, and overall functionality. As a result, the solution saved our client almost 30%.

With more than 45 certified Salesforce professionals, CoreValue can help make the process as smooth as can be and guarantee optimal results.




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