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Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Systems: Mortal Combat and Reasons for Optimism?

Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Systems: Mortal Combat and Reasons for Optimism?

August 14, 2018 | Halyna Kohuch, BPO Specialist

In 2016, Salesforce made another step ahead aiming to improve the lives of professionals, this time in healthcare. Now, their thriving product Health Cloud is gaining momentum globally. As the name itself suggests, Salesforce Health Cloud is there to perform some magic in healthcare, using the state-of-the-art cloud technologies which make it so efficient, convenient, […]

Why I like medical mobile apps

August 3, 2018 | Elizabeth Forrest

I’ve been around the internet for a very long time.  I sent my first email in 1986 and was among the first to embrace online banking as a user with all the speed that a 300 baud manual modem can provide.  Wherever there was useful innovation, it seems that I have managed to be on […]

CI and delivery using Salesforce Developer Experience

August 2, 2018 | Bohdan Dovhan, Senior Engineer

Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) is a very promising Salesforce technology, including a new set of features and corresponding development tools. It has been available since the Summer of 2017 and it is constantly evolving. It simplifies integration with a version control system and helps build a better continuous integration and delivery process. Before going any […]

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

July 26, 2018 | Maksym Semerak, Software Engineer

According to SAP, businesses that fail to apply data visualization tools most often typically spend approximately nine (9) extra hours trying to spot trends, patterns, and correlations related to internal data. In the contemporary business environment, big data processing has become an essential element of effective company operations. Companies deal with huge amounts of information […]

Building Mobile App for Healthcare?

July 25, 2018 | Lily Smirnova

How to develop a successful mHealth application As a response to the global digitalization of almost every aspect of our lives, there has been an explosion of healthcare mobile apps in the past few years.  According to IQVIA institute for Human Data Science, medical or health-related mobile applications account for over 318,000 apps worldwide, and […]

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Salesforce team in the US

July 19, 2018

We are continuing with highlighting our travels for projects abroad. Today, we feature Mykola Senyk, and Dmytro Smirnov who visited the US last month. Q: Where did you and your team go? Was it your first time travelling to Arizona? Our team of architects, team leads and a PM went to Phoenix, Arizona for 2 weeks. […]

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) in Pharma

July 17, 2018 | Lily Smirnova, Marketing & Business Development Manager

CLM in Pharma: the Concept Closing the loop in CLM is about having a clear and solid understanding of the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Reaching out to customers for feedback is the first step in evaluating its real impact. The wide implementation of closed loop marketing in pharmaceutical industry has been reinforced by the […]

Mobile Health and Pharma: Industry-specific benefits

July 16, 2018 | Lily Smirnova

Pharma and healthcare today have arrived at a crossroads where doctors, providers and patients/customers meet and interact. Ultimately, these three entities have the same fundamental aim – better and more effective healthcare system. Digitization has enabled unified thinking within patient care. With digital transformation already a part of everyday healthcare, “mobile health” in healthcare and […]

Travelling the world with CoreValue – our team in the UK

July 12, 2018

We continue with highlighting travels for projects abroad. Today, we feature Vladyslav Litovka, who has just returned from London. Q:  Where did you and your team go? Was it your first time travelling to the UK? There were 5 of us in our development team with different technologies and directions. Yes, it was my first […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud June 2018 Release Notes

July 10, 2018 | Ihor Shupeniuk, Salesforce engineer

Salesforce announced their new release on June 23, 2018, but even though the launch was delayed by two weeks to July 7, 2018, it is clear that the Salesforce team continues to work hard to launch new features and improvements. Here is a concise list of the latest key features: Advertising Studio: Integration with LinkedIn. […]