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Project Lombok – Boilerplate Buster

Project Lombok – Boilerplate Buster

April 26, 2018 | Mykhailo Voloshchuk

Java is a powerful language with a variety of frameworks and libraries. That fact makes development in Java relatively easy, but it is also often criticized for the massive amounts of boilerplate code it requires for common tasks. “Boilerplate code” describes sections of repeatable code that must be included into multiple parts of an application […]

President of CoreValue on the History of the Company and Plans for the Future

April 19, 2018 “Made in Ukraine Tech Startup Edition” is hosted and produced by Mike Buryk. Hello, this is Mike Buryk, your host and the producer of “Made in Ukraine Tech Startup Edition”, a monthly podcast serious on Ukrainian companies, and especially those that are going global. Today, we will be speaking with Igor Kruglyak, who is […]

Salesforce and Amsterdam: an Insider’s Look

April 18, 2018 | Lily Smirnova

Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam 2018 – a day of innovation, inspiration, learning, and fun. At the recent Salesforce event, CoreValue became a first-time sponsor, and helped to welcome more than 3,000 visitors who flooded the RAI Amsterdam Conference Center to hear how global leaders are revolutionizing the path to happier customers in today’s connected world. […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud ConnectOR?

April 17, 2018 | Vitaliy Kruglyakov

Intro and history The story of Marketing Cloud, and how Salesforce enhanced its sales and service areas by acquiring Exact Target’s unique suite in 2013, is well known. Today, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (MC) allows marketers to reach customers in the best way with the right message by means of seven core products: Journey Builder, Cross […]

Migration to Salesforce Lightning Experience: A Developer’s Guide

April 3, 2018 | George Arshakian

Almost two and a half years have passed since Salesforce announced their new and sexy Lightning Experience (a.k.a. LEX) – I found this amazing, but lots of organizations are still using Salesforce Classic UI! It’s true, that some features are still unavailable for Lightning Experience, and some of the classics users still should postpone their […]

Never Underestimate Details. Google Natural Language vs Custom Algorithm

March 22, 2018 | Olena Domanska

We picked sentiment analysis as the most critical measurement of users’ opinions and compared the results from Cloud Natural Language API by Google, and the CoreValue sentiment analysis algorithm built from the ground up by our data science team. In the data-driven world, success for a company’s strategic vision means taking full advantage of incorporated […]

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Vasyl Krychun in the US

March 20, 2018

As part of our commitment to change in the new year, we have added this new section to our newsletter that will highlight travel for projects abroad. Today, we feature Vasyl Krychun, who has just returned from the US. Q: What was the purpose of the trip? A: There were a few trips but almost […]

Salesforce Lightning Migration Plan- 6 Simple Steps That Make It Easy

March 15, 2018 | Andrew Lokotosh

Salesforce positions Lightning as the future of Cloud CRM as the new and easy way to manage and close deals quicker by using dynamic views, mobile-ready UI, customizable homepage, etc. New public presentations are issued in Lightning, release notes of platform updates contain merely Lightning improvements, so new users are assured there is no time […]

Mobile Apps For Everything! When You Want It to be Fast

March 2, 2018 | Vasyl Krychun

General how-tos on fast mobile apps development: it is all about concept orchestration with the right instruments The pace of life is fast today. Everything is geared to speed, and mobile serves that mission like no other technology. According to eMarketer, users spend about 84.9% of their total mobile time in apps. That’s a lot […]

SPRING BOOsT. Simplifying Java Applications for Everyone

February 22, 2018 | Andrew Petryk

SAFE HARBOR (DISCLAIMER) All information described in this article is delivered with author’s best knowledge. CoreValue Services and the author disclaim all liability of any kind for possible misuse of provided information. Test it for personal experience before moving to production.   AUTHOR’S NOTE During recent visits to various Java-conferences, I was able to get […]