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Healthcare Mobile Application – a Case Study

CoreValue was a great partner. In the three years I partnered with CoreValue − on no less than four projects for three separate companies − I was always impressed with their employees’ professionalism and focus on excellence. I did not view them as vendors, but as teammates.

David Koplovitz, former CTO, M3 Technologies

Project Overview

CoreValue implemented a comprehensive mobile solution that enables searching for medical providers in accordance with the end-user’s search criteria. With the help of Concierge and the suggestions it makes for optimal use of health insurance options, this Android and iOS app provides cost efficiency for the user. The HIPAA-compliant solution enables professionals and customers alike to use telemedicine options, symptom checker, and other functionalities by integrating with external services. Additionally, CoreValue used integrated Data Science practices that significantly boost data accuracy, including cost prediction, provider ranking and geolocation.

Invested Amount $200,000
to $999,999
Status of Engagement 2015−2016
Team involved 9 people
Technologies Android SDK, Google Play Services, REST API, ProGuard, JSON, Google Maps, Location Services, Google Cloud Messaging, iOS SDK, REST API, JSON, Core Location, Apple Push Notification Service, CocoaPods, Node.js
Service performed Software development, QA, BA, PM

Client Description

M3 Technologies is a Florida technology company providing services in the healthcare cost-containment space. They deliver multifaceted solutions and provide patients with the most cost-effective care in their network. Some of their services include:

  • Mobile apps for efficient healthcare services.
  • Cost-containment and care coordination.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.

Business Challenge

The client’s team was tasked with the responsibility to develop all of M3’s mobile applications, as well as the systems needed to support these apps. The company was attempting to solve several problems for a health care cost-containment application and needed to implement an innovative service delivery system.

The former CTO, David Koplovitz, explained the challenge in detail. He stated that “we were supporting self-insured enterprises such as labor unions and trying to steer users to lower-cost providers or telemedicine options in their area. Our biggest challenges were time constraints and lack of local talent, combined with an ever-changing set of business requirements from our internal team…”

The need for a customizable IT solution arose because the company wanted a system that could be easily modified for each new client.

M3 was running an inadequate system. It could not provide a flexible solution that would take into consideration the special circumstances of their clients. It had to be consistent, reliable and effective in order to streamline their business processes and improve customer satisfaction. Fundamentally, they needed to deliver mobile applications in a timely and coordinated manner.

CoreValue’s Role and Provided Solutions

In March 2015, CoreValue partnered with M3 to provide a complete mobile team. This included a project manager, a mobile developer, a QA analyst, and even a business analyst. The team helped augment and provide their mobile expertise and development.

Our team evaluated, analyzed, and made recommendations for all aspects of M3’s solution: project structure, mobile development framework and quality assurance. Each of these areas was evaluated from a financial, operational and strategic perspective.

The assessment laid out a path forward for M3 so that they can actualize more value from their existing technology. We developed applications and solutions that worked alongside their existing systems. Because M3’s solution was tailor-made, we overcame the usual problems like functionality, errors, and compatibility. Our solution was a perfect fit for their business ecosystem. It was scalable, affordable, and met the client’s requirements. We met the technological needs of the company while allowing them to grow without being limited by our solution.

CoreValue Services was able to perform optimally by working closely with M3 and providing them with strategic consulting, prototyping and support services.



M3 had a tight schedule and needed skilled staff with no downtime and CoreValues’ services were invaluable. Since then, both companies have collaborated on two mobile projects using the same backend, and one data project in parallel.

CoreValue was a perfect choice for this cost-effective service delivery. “They provided really top-notch people for us,” said Koplovitz. He went on to say that “We had an Agile project with no final checklist or deliverables. Basically, we were sprinting and burning down our backlog. I was pleased with the process and the product. At the end of the day, those are the only metrics that matter.”

CoreValue was able to make a difference in M3’s ability to deliver. We provided the right staff and provided decision-making support, which helped us make the right decisions as far as design and implementation.

From a project management standpoint, CoreValue was an excellent provider. All delegated responsibilities were handled efficiently, and with professionalism. We were temporarily part of the M3 team, not just a vendor. We coordinated through daily scrums, worked closely together, and kept open communication.

The specifications of the project, as well as the design of the app, is the result of this stage. It was of paramount importance that we captured all features of the project to ensure that it would be a complete solution for M3.

Are you wondering what distinguishes CoreValue from other providers? We are unique because all of our resources are top quality and focused on excellent service delivery. CoreValue will always deliver secure technological infrastructures and processes that will support new technology initiatives, so that clients like M3 can better serve their consumers.

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