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We’ve partnered with CoreValue for nearly a decade. As our organization has scaled, so has our delegation and variety of work to them. Having their managed service at hand has enabled strong tech advancements in every department, which has propelled us forward against our competitors. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the innovation we have implemented. We have never come across even a single scenario where our CoreValue partners were unable to come to our aid and help us to find a solution.

Gianna Scorsone, SVP, Marketing and Sales Operations - Mondo


After previous software vendors had failed to deliver a practicable solution to overhaul Mondo’s antiquated project management and financial system and replace it with a scalable cloud-based workflow platform, Mondo partnered with CoreValue to migrate to the more modern, robust Salesforce software ecosystem. CoreValue’s roles also included developing new features and providing continuous technical support to the client’s business processes.

Status of Engagement 2008 − ongoing
Team involved 8 people
Tools and Technologies Salesforce Platform, Customer Portal and Apex
Managed Packages Conga Composer and FinancialForce

Client Description

Mondo is a US-based multinational firm that specializes in providing access to vital technological enablers and digital marketing resources that enable business owners to drive their business enterprises forward.

Business Challenge

Mondo sought a capable partner who could help them achieve their goal of process innovation and development of a ecosystem. This partner needed resources and expertise to deliver a platform where Mondo could build a more stable team that could keep up with their ever-growing demand for cloud technology solutions.


CoreValue’s expertise and ability helped Mondo to build a cost-efficient, easy-to-use Salesforce ecosystem that links consultants to their customers, while at the same time enabling customized solutions, accurate reporting, seamless time management and analysis of various work processes. Mondo found that innovating and building other business technology solutions was easy on

Mondo also took advantage of CoreValue’s offshore support services, and incorporated them as part of a managed software package that eliminated the expensive overhead of full-time admins, developers and business analysts, thus giving Mondo the opportunity to stretch its technology budget.

In addition, CoreValue designed and created a business portal capable of managing the implementation and fulfillment of IT projects by tracking all processes involved in real time. The system, which brings together hiring managers, consultants and customers, also comes with an integrated billing system and an automated emailing system. It generates different types of files and provides users with comprehensive reporting. Hiring managers and consultants can use the system to access the main customer portal’s various tasks and projects.

The main features of the system we have built for Mondo include:

  • Activity matrixes,
  • Sales ranking emails,
  • Tax and discount functionality.

With CoreValue, our clients receive help with other website hosting issues, not through actual hosting, but by helping them through troubleshooting whenever necessary.

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Project Outcomes

Mondo’s employees can now operate from remote locations by carrying out their functions in the cloud. Being away from the office is no longer a hindrance because office tasks can now be accomplished from any location in the world. No duties go unattended just because someone has been unable to reach the office. With an iPad on the move, Mondo’s staff has the freedom to work from home, vacation or anywhere they wish!

We continue to make changes and improvements to their Salesforce software ecosystem and business processes nearly once every week. From where we stand as CoreValue, we would term our journey with Mondo as a successful and beneficial partnership for our two companies.

CoreValue Attributes that Impressed Our Clients

According to Mondo, what impressed them most about our services was our unmatched ability to troubleshoot any problem. There was no system issue that they raised that we could not handle. We did our very best to offer custom-made solutions to any problem they encountered in the operationalization of their business processes.

Our partnership with Mondo has tremendously transformed their company and business. We have empowered them to face challenges and be successful. Since we came into their business niche as partners, they have remained constantly innovative in their core go-to market strategy. Our expertise and ability to pick up the latest technologies and efficiently tailor them to work their exact needs and specifications was a big plus for them.

Are you wondering what distinguishes CoreValue from other providers? We are unique because all of our resources are top quality and focused on excellent service delivery. CoreValue will always deliver secure technological infrastructures and processes that will support new technology initiatives, so that clients like M3 can better serve their consumers.

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