Clinical Data Management Systems Development and Support

February 11, 2011

CoreValue Clinical Data Management

CoreValue has extensive experience in developing and supporting clinical data management systems for various healthcare organizations around the world. Most of these projects employed integrated EDC-related technology.

Our clinical data management and coding solutions support complex study designs and clinical trials. The systems that we have developed empowers clinical data management, including data collection, coding, data analysis, safety and efficacy reporting and clinical trial management to business process outsourcing.

CoreValue can develop customized solutions for your clinical data management needs. Our experience allows us to build IT systems around such features and principles:

  • Easy integration with other IT systems
  • Safety
  • Data Transformation, Exporting and Importing
  • CDISC CDMA compliance
  • PDMA Compliance
  • FDA and EMUA Compliance
  • Full SOP
  • Validation
  • Reporting

By outsourcing the development of CDMS solutions to the CVSI you can save time, costs, and human resources, while we deliver highly effective customized solutions for your needs.




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