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Clinical trial management requires an integrated approach that can provide medical professionals with a clear trial costs, help to adhere to a schedule, and mitigate regulatory risks. It is an essential cornerstone for efficient clinical research, medical device and diagnostics clinical trials, and successful product development.

Addressing clinical trial software management issues becomes a priority for life science companies and clinical operations executives. That’s why industry professionals become seriously concerned about clinical data management. With this in mind, organizations usually gradually implement a clinical trial management system (CTMS).

Upon implementation, many companies decide to expand the capabilities of the CTMS software. They partner with clinical trial software companies to update clinical trials and integrating data across multiple systems, namely, EHR platform with patient charting software, electronic patient record software, and other EHR services. Healthcare companies mostly benefit from cloud-based clinical trial management.

However, the highly regulated life science marketplace makes clinical research and clinical data management a challenging task to accomplish. At the same time, implementation of a clinical trial management solution gets hampered by siloed information, organizational limitations, non-standardized processes, and uncoordinated systems. Therefore, to leverage the power of technology in clinical settings, researchers must cooperate with industry experts.

Turbocharge your research and make clinical trials efficient as never before.

CoreValue − the leading clinical trial management software development company

Embracing technology is necessary, given the changing clinical trial practices and FDA regulations, that require organizations to record, manage, store, and provide easy access to documentation in every phase of the process.

The primary application of the clinical trial management system (CTMS) is simplifying seemingly difficult and time-sensitive processes.

CTMS provides valuable insights, which enable medical professionals to spot potential problems in the early stages of clinical research. It also allows healthcare practitioners to track progress and evaluate possibilities, in order to make more informed business decisions.

CoreValue − a proven partner of healthcare companies with solid industry experience

We have been successfully cooperating with life science companies in developing clinical trial, clinical development, medical device, and diagnostics software that meets the highest quality standards and is compliant with FDA and ISO regulations.

With effective Quality Management and Compliance programs, we understand that quality needs to be integrated into every stage of the development process, as it effectively drives time and cost efficiency. Also, we follow numerous industry standards and regulations such as ISO 9001, ISO 27000, IEEE, FDA, NIST, HIPAA, PCI Security Standards, and OWASP.

We at CoreValue have created a set of the best quality assurance and compliance practices, software development methodologies, and frameworks to ensure that our customers achieve excellence with their product.

The end result is always an excellent user experience that simplifies clinical research execution for industry practitioners and provides them with enhanced clinical trial software capabilities for collection, management, and analysis of clinical data.

Develop a cloud-based clinical trial management software with CoreValue

An integrated platform, with all the data and applications under one suite, provided by CoreValue, does not concede to the largest EMR software companies in terms of quality. With our clinical development and trial management software, you get consistent performance and comprehensive progress tracking.

The integration capabilities provided by CoreValue enable a seamless connection with various applications and quick access to a number of trials, programs, and data, with one set of credentials.

Equipped with a dashboard and with continuous updates of status and metrics reports, our efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use clinical trial management software (CTMS) integrates data and applications on a common platform to ensure a comprehensive performance and progress view of your study.

Biopharmaceutical companies and CROs benefit from our innovative platform as it helps them to maximize technology investments by simplifying the organization of workflow and enabling effective management of various data sources within a single research or program of clinical trials.

Advantages of Platform Driven Approach

  • Improved quality and reduced monitoring cost
  • A single integrated platform that accelerates development timelines
  • Simplified management of disparate data sources
  • Consistent data quality and improved compliance

Our ultimate goal is to help you join the market faster and easier.

Development process of Clinical trial system and electronic health record (EHR) system in CoreValue

  • Reviewing Customer Requirements

Each new project centered on the development of CTMS starts with an examination of the specific EMR system requirements and an analysis of suggested system features that need to be developed or enhanced. Once all the key questions are addressed, the team decides on the best technical approach.

  • Selecting the Best Approach

Choosing the right clinical development methodology is critical since it’s a major condition that determines whether the team will be able to address market dynamics and eliminate the risk of project failure. It also dictates whether they will be able to ensure security, stability, efficiency, and timely delivery. Ultimately, the right development methodology is as equally important as the Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) since it leads to an excellent return on the investment.

  • Providing a Top-notch End Product

At the end of the Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) development, our customers get fully customized and optimized management software for handling clinical processes with minimal disparities between clinical trials. They also get a set of external tools that eliminate delays, secure patient safety and data collection, promote efficiency, and satisfy stakeholders and regulators at the same time.

Clinical Trial Management Software Key Features

Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) proves extremely valuable in clinical settings. However, it is critical that you chose the right project team for your research in order to secure the effectiveness of your drug development process.

Our professionals have complete expertise in CTMS platform development. They are aware of the latest industry trends, and most importantly, they are willing and able to utilize their knowledge to your benefit.

  • Simple implementation
  • Integration ability with complementary applications
  • Resource management
  • Workflows management
  • Site communications
  • Accurate generation of site payments
  • Cloud architecture
  • Native mobile CTMS experience
  • And more

Hire industry experts to create the software that will streamline your clinical research.

CoreValue − helping to improve the pharma industry since 2006

CoreValue is a proven partner that assists life science companies in the development of first-class software. We advance the quality of clinical trials, simplify data retrieval and data management, and enable critical integrations.

We have the knowledge and tools necessary for a seamless implementation of technology in your operation.

More than just technology. More than just a team.

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