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Content Orchestration Platform


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CoreContent is a mobile content orchestration and effectiveness platform that delivers digital media content to user mobile devices. The system offers content providers the ability to prepare the content, package the content and deliver the content to subscribed devices using different subscription models.
In order to provide 24/7 content accessibility and enhanced scalability for end-users, CoreValue needed to enable the system to be supported on both AWS Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure.


To optimize scalability and improve content access speed, CoreValue opted for the AWS and Azure Cloud services support.

The following Azure Services were involved for Azure hosting:

  • Azure Cloud Services Worker Role for API
  • Azure WebSites for Management Consoles and Web Portal
  • Azure Blob for content storage
  • Azure Redis Cache for storing a content graph (optional – may be based on VM)

The following AWS Services are involved for AWS hosting:

  • Amazon EC2 as an application hosting
  • Amazon S3 as an application content storage
  • Amazon ElastiCache (Redis) for storing a content graph (optional – may be based on EC2)