Core Intellegence Data Science

Core Intelligence Data Science in Action

Core Value’s Data Science team has been helping our clients find hidden insights across a variety of challenges they face in their business. Our experts have been practicing the ART of Data Science for many years and enjoy uncovering opportunities hidden in data stores of all types shapes and sizes. We collaborate with our clients from helping define business needs, Data source access and identification through exploratory data analysis, modeling and production model deployments. Wether you are looking to economically jumpstart a data science program or add additional expertise to you team, we can help!

Data Science Tools

Oracle, Redshift, Hadoop, R, Tableau & many more. We are fluent in the tools you need to get results!

Data Science Experts

Our Data Science team is comprised of a leading group of PHD’s who thrive on delivering Insights!

Winning Methodologies

Identification, exploration, modeling, visualization & production deployments we have you covered!

Portfolio of Engagements

    • Gender Prediction Model (Machine Learning)
    • Sentiment Analysis (Text Mining)
    • Optimal Surface Coverage (Optimization)
    • Personalized Recommendation System
    • Prediction Modeling (High Volume, Linear Regression)
    • Most Influential Feature Detection
    • Detecting Similar Categories (Clustering)
    • Advanced Analysis and Reporting
    • Anomaly Detection Alert System (Outlier Detection)
    • Time Series Analysis

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