March 15, 2018

CoreSearch – R&D at CoreValue

As you know, CoreValue launched a new R&D department in January, 2018. We asked Lyubomyr Senyuk, our CTO and Head of CoreSearch, what is our R&D is all about.

Q.: Why R&D? How come CoreSearch was launched at the company? Why the special name?

A.: Because some of the teams and individuals are already doing part of it, and the company will help them. Because we need to be smarter and faster in technologies. Because we like people doing interesting things.

As for special name, this is to emphasize that it is our company’s separate entity and everything created under this brand will be owned by CoreValue, and not our clients. However, the department will perform external research projects in the future.

Q.: What is the concept of the new department? How does it operate?

A.: Ours is a totally new department with its own budget, so that we can be open to any idea you have. Everyone in the company can share their thoughts. Just write to, or put your thoughts into JIRA (RND) and we will track them down.

The Concept stages of the new department include:

  • A clear, strong idea for research that can be explained to a technical guy of any competence in a short five minute session;
  • Visible, reusable and legally protected results as a result of an R&D project;
  • A flexible, well-motivated implementation process performed by mature engineers; and
  • A department is staffed as a regular project with bonus-based overtime, no bench utilisation

Q.: What topics are our key interest areas?

A.: If list primary directions, these would be

  • Mobile, VR/AR, IoT and other UX directions in a wider context;
  • Serverless/Backendless and other innovative architectural approaches;
  • Salesforce innovations;
  • Data Science; and
  • Blockchain-like technologies.

Tags Cloud:

Verbal interfaces, Mobile Machine Learning, ChatBots, Serverless architecture, Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), Microservice Architecture, AWS Lambda, Azure Service Fabric, Heroku, Persistent Actor, SalesForce, SF EventStreaming, SF Einstein, Data Science, Topic modeling, Computer Vision, IoT in pharma, VR, AR, Google Tango, iOS ARKit, Hololens, Blockchain, Virtual assets, Smart contracts.

Q.: We understand you are already working on some new projects.

A.: Currently we are working on a Wikipedia dump clean-up which will contribute to the big data manipulation skills of our data scientists. It will also create an advantageous background for further Data Science research requiring huge text corpus.

We have also started a blockchain investigation and have an interesting practical idea in this area. Another idea is to create a graph-like knowledge base using texts of technical articles that people are reading on the internet. Also, we plan to implement AR/VR project using ARKit and/or Google Tango – or even Hololens.



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