CEBIT: Conference Impressions
June 21, 2018

CEBIT: Conference Impressions

Why did you decide to attend CEBIT in Hannover, Germany?
As a marketer, I just couldn’t neglect attending one of the most prominent European tech events. I found out about CEBIT long ago from my German friends. CEBIT is the largest and most internationally represented of the annual computer expos. CEBIT 2018 was held on June 11th-15th at the world’s largest fairground located in Hannover. It is considered a barometer of current trends and a measure of the state of the art in information technology. An exhibition area occupies roughly 450,000 m² (5 million ft²) with a peak attendance of 850,000 visitors which occurred during the dot-com boom.

What were the most interesting topics?
With more than 30 halls available for talks, it was hard to choose from so many different topics. My core interests lay in marketing and digitalization, healthcare, and Salesforce, and I attended relevant subconferences within CEBIT. Here is my take on them.

Salesforce World Tour was different from the other tours in Europe.
The Salesforce event was just fantastic. The outdoor area was huge with lots of space for playing, chilling and networking. Big monitors transmitted sessions from d!talk areas while you relaxed in cozy chaise longues with a cold drink or beer, which seemed to be everywhere!

I absolutely loved the inspirational speeches by industry leaders, but there was one which was special. It was a real-time battle-like performance, with two teams consisting of experts and senior consultants that were comprised for two representatives from Salesforce and two from Accenture. They provided a consultation plan for a German startup, Parkling. The representative from the startup shared his main pain point, and the two teams had 20 min to offer him the solution. And they came up with amazing ideas – futuristic scenarios for self-driven cars that can park themselves, shared services for parking meaning that one can share his place for rent when he is off, etc.

Digital Friday and CEBIT!signals Conferences for Influencers, Bloggers and Digital Creators, Marketing and PR Professionals
CEBIT! signals is a brand new conference focusing on Digital and Influencer Marketing, Social Media and Networking. With over 50 speakers and two stages, the event offered workshops on best practices, trends and challenges in Marketing.
In general, it was a great place. I had an opportunity to meet people who inspire, talk directly to speakers who were incredibly open to dialogue with the general public, and get hands-on insights on the latest strategies and KPI‘s of most successful marketing campaigns.

Digital Health Summit
Despite the fact that most speeches were in German, there were some really good ones in English by James Kugler, Chief Digital Officer at Merck KGaA and Dr. Qi Li, Physician Executive from InterSystems.

They covered the importance of data cleansing and the need for real-time real-world data. They also reviewed challenges associated with information aggregation, unstructured text, and data privacy. In addition, they highlighted a case study and technology framework to improve site selection, trial recruitment, and monitoring.

Any entertainments?
Oh, yes. The main sponsors were generous this year. It was a non-stop roller coaster by SAP, fantastic and scary dinner in the sky by IBM, and a light aircraft flying with the branded banner behind – brand visibility in action!

The CEBIT d!campus area was the beating heart. This was the the platform with artists, big names in music, and fascinating showcases and performances, such as a drone light show and robotic concert. It was a place where technology becomes an everyday experience, networking meets street food and lots of beer, and business meets joy and festival.




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