CoreValue To Host Antwerp Forum on Cloud and Mobile Trends for Business
March 29, 2018

CoreValue To Host Antwerp Forum on Cloud and Mobile Trends for Business

CoreValue will host a session on technology trends in Cloud and Mobile with the support of our partner Coordinates BVBA at the Crowne Plaza in Antwerp, Belgium on April 13, 2018, from 12:00 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. CET.

Registration is open

The event is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas on a range of topics relating to innovation in cloud and mobile technologies. The session will also cover proven best practices of nearshore software development outsourcing, as well as its advantages and drawbacks, and how to apply nearshore outsourcing solutions in order to integrate business partners, the enterprise, suppliers, applications and mobile devices.

In addition, CoreValue will showcase speakers and case studies dedicated to improving IT, insights and expertise gained from their software development initiatives. Attendees will have an opportunity for hands-on experience with cloud solutions as a business enhancement in a segment led by our Belgian Partners. The agenda also includes a presentation of successful Salesforce utilization, the world’s leading cloud CRM system, for sales, service and marketing by our French Partner.

The session will provide an opportunity for attendees to network with featured presenters.

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CoreValue Services is a US-based software and technology company with development offices in Eastern Europe. CoreValue delivers cloud and mobile solutions for the Pharmatech, Healthcare, and Financial industries to help businesses achieve greater agility.  

Coordinates BVBA is an IT Business Consultancy in Belgium which specializes in Life Sciences and Healthcare.


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