CoreValue joins CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance
July 24, 2018

CoreValue joins CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance

CoreValue Services is happy to announce that we have become official members of the CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance.

Alliance is a global network of independent IT companies aimed at connecting their unique offers with customers’ needs, in order to deliver innovations and build strong relationships with clients.

Partnering with Alliance further demonstrates the rising success of CoreValue and offers a platform to accelerate our growth in the global market.

Roman Dzvinka, VP of Business Development, CoreValue, comments, “To become a member of Alliance gives credibility to the achievements the CoreValue team has made, and opens new ample opportunities for our global reach.”

The mission of Alliance is to combine the individual strengths of IT organizations into a cooperative, sharing, and connected world-wide network, helping members immediately expand their products and services which resonates well with the present CoreValue strategy.

Michael Bragen, Director, CAI, notes, “We’re very excited to have CoreValue join our group, and I’m sure that the exposure to our fast-growing set of members and their customers will provide you with significant global expansion opportunities.”

CAI is a leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services with more than 4,500 people. Headquartered in Allentown, PA, CAI works with Fortune 1000 companies and local, state and federal agencies to drive IT innovation.

CoreValue Services is a global software and technology company that delivers innovative solutions to the Pharmatech, Healthcare, and Financial Sectors to help businesses achieve their objectives.

CoreValue joins CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance




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