Travelling the world with CoreValue – Vasyl Krychun in the US
March 20, 2018

Travelling the world with CoreValue – Vasyl Krychun in the US

As part of our commitment to change in the new year, we have added this new section to our newsletter that will highlight travel for projects abroad. Today, we feature Vasyl Krychun, who has just returned from the US.

Q: What was the purpose of the trip?

A: There were a few trips but almost with the same purpose within the same project. The first trip was for establishing the project, personal meetings with clients, products owners, determining projects needs and requirements and transferring them to product’s architecture. The second trip’s goal was meeting technical team we have to work with and determine processes, responsibilities of US and Ukrainian teams, main directions, and personally meet each other for better communication. Furthermore, the trip was worth it by the fact that the US team has a huge experience in developing a similar product, and it was invaluable to become familiar with the product based on their experience of solving problems we might have faced in the future.

This is already the third trip with the purpose to synchronize our efforts for working on v.2.0 of the product. It was nice to see new people involved and share our one-year experience of working on the product. According to them, and in spite of holding daily remote meetings, those two weeks spent onsite with the ability to meet face-to-face brought much more understanding and helped to solve a number of issues.

Q: Where did you go?

A: During those trips I had visited a few US states. New Jersey, Arizona and North Carolina.

Q: What was so special about the trip?

A: First of all, it’s an opportunity to visit new places I’ve never been before. Besides that, I had the chance to communicate with customers directly, that allowed me better understand them, their way of thinking, needs, culture. All of that I believe has a positive impact on the current project and further projects with US customers. And also the last thing I would like to mention –  daily conversations with native English speakers can replace many local English classes and, I believe, my English speaking skills have improved as well.

Q: Was it just all work and no play?

A: Unfortunately it was all work, but a few weeks of trips include some free weekends that for sure were used for some leisure time. I had a great opportunity to visit some of the best known places in the world – the Grand Canyon, the Red Rocks of Sedona, and walk in the shadows of huge skyscrapers of New York. Anyway, new experience is always priceless.




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