M3Health - Cost-Effective Medical Technology

Cost-Effective Medical Technology


Innovator in the digital and technology medical space


The main goal for our client is to assist their customers with access to cost-effective health insurance through innovative technology. They needed a solution that assists people in searching medical providers by specific criteria and have all medical information in a simple and user-friendly application.


CoreValue implemented a comprehensive mobile solution that enables searching medical providers in accordance with end-user’s search criteria. This Android and iOS app assists people in saving money by using Concierge to suggest the optimal use of the medical insurance policy’s options. The solution provides the possibility to use telemedicine, symptom checker, and other functionalities by integrating with external services.
Additionally, CoreValue integrated Data Science practices that significantly enhanced data accuracy including cost prediction, provider ranking, geolocation, etc.


Android SDK, Google Play Services, REST API, ProGuard, JSON, Google Maps, Location Services, Google Cloud Messaging, iOS SDK, REST API, JSON, Core Location, Apple Push Notification Service, CocoaPods, Node.js