CRM solutions for healthcare development

CoreValue can help you deliver quality care with CRM solutions for Healthcare.

A well-built CRM system can equip your medical team with enhanced information processing, as well as create measurable relationships between customers, patients and providers, resulting in cost reduction, streamlined services and improved customer experience.

Want your CRM system to work for you?

CRM solutions for Healthcare
by CoreValue

With years of experience in consultancy and holistic delivery of CRM systems for the Healthcare industry, CoreValue’s development teams build and maintain Salesforce CRM solutions that enable our clients to receive better value and apply improved care strategies from actionable data.

Salesforce CRM implemented by CoreValue facilitates a coordinated approach to improved customer/patient experience across the healthcare ecosystem.

Holistic approach

With thorough analysis of your requirements and expectations, we help you develop and maintain a quality CRM system specifically designed for your organization.

Salesforce CRM services at the speed of business

As our customers become avid users of Salesforce CRM solutions, they recognize a range of opportunities to extend their solutions through configuration changes and integrations to other systems within their environments. Our dedicated and experienced team can provide Salesforce consultation services which have also helped our clients enhance their customer experience to drive significant value from their Salesforce investments.

CoreValue can help with:

  • CRM software development.
  • CRM solutions implementation.
  • CRM application development.
  • CRM integration and migration.
  • Expert consulting and support.

Why Salesforce CRM for Healthcare

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, CoreValue can customize Salesforce CRM with a sharp focus on your individual business needs while making use of its out-of-the-box functionalities.

  • 24/7 (shared cloud).
  • Authentication.
  • User management.
  • Security and Permissions (the ORG).
  • List management.
  • Performance management.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Mobile ready (Lightning).
  • Dashboards.
  • Reporting.

When it comes to choosing the perfect partner for your CRM solution implementation, you cannot afford to miss any details.

Stuck in customization?

CRM in Healthcare Industry

Customer Relationship Management systems in healthcare are now affordable for both big institutions and small medical practices. The key role of CRM for healthcare is its power to improve patient experience through automation and customer service processes.

Healthcare CRM software makes it easy for medical teams and individual practitioners to transform vital information into functional outcomes.


CRM solutions for Healthcare development

CRM systems can be developed and customized to integrate with electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR) and other databases to gain and retain all client/employee-related data for a coordinated approach. Organizations can work with patient databases and care programs, contact and billing management systems, document management and back office accounting, as well as third party-related information, e.g., insurance, providers, etc.

Skilfully tailored healthcare CRM solutions help organizations to:

  • Offer personalized care.
  • Build quality relationships with existing patients and transform client interaction into a health cooperation opportunity.
  • Synchronize care management with the providers and third parties.
  • Accelerate operational time and optimize overall performance efficiency.
  • Optimize time and expenditures.

CRM software in healthcare offers solutions for seamless experiences across the entire client care lifecycle, from first contact to renewal, including marketing, sales, enrollment, care delivery and customer retention.

Hospitals benefit from CRM adoption, as the system allows medical representatives to proactively manage and monitor the sales pipeline, customer service, and retention using simple interfaces.

CRM Healthcare definition

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in healthcare is an now an affordable tool for both large institutions and small medical practices. CRM systems can be developed and customized to integrate with EHR and EMR for a synchronized, many-sided approach. With an implemented healthcare CRM system, organizations can successfully utilize providers’ databases and care management programs in order to:

  • Provide customer-centric care.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Offer integrated care services.
  • Eliminate overall spendings.

CoreValue, a Registered Consulting Salesforce Partner, offers extensive expertise in Salesforce CRM solutions development.

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