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CRM Solutions for Pharma

CRM solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry empower you to succeed in the market with quality customer-centric services.

A well-built CRM system can equip your team with enhanced information, as well as create measurable relationships between customers, medical professionals and care providers, resulting in cost reduction, streamlined services and improved customer experience.

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Pharma shift for technology advancement

In this fast-changing environment, business budgets continue to rise. New regulations and market competition have made many of the techniques broadly used by the pharmaceutical industry more challenging or impractical without technological support. New laws come with new challenges, forcing drug manufacturers to do more with fewer results, restraining representatives and increasing the workload of primary care physicians.

Building a technologically strong system for managing pharma operations aligned with main business processes can significantly help organizations overcome these challenges.

Custom CRM Software Solutions can drastically reduce operating costs and support your market development through mobile device support, client contact tracking and cloud-based databases. In addition, our Pharma CRM Software Solutions will enhance your timely response to information and sharing, resulting in improved communications and better efficiency without costly delays.

CoreValue is a trusted provider and can help you with:

  • CRM software development.
  • CRM solutions implementation.
  • CRM application development.
  • CRM integration and migration.
  • Expert consulting and support.

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CRM in Pharmaceutical industry

In the present age of marketing and management of pharmaceutical sales and distribution, consider the fast-advancing computer age of CRM. CRM in pharma is centralized to make the data of drug manufacturers available through the web, mobile, email, social media, and other communication channels. Whenever someone checks in through your CRM, they would be able to retrieve accurate information about you and the product you provide. With Pharma CRM, you can advertise the existence of your newest medication(s), organize staff work for optimum productivity, and also help monitor your spending outlays to ensure regulatory compliance.

Custom CRM solutions for your Pharma business

CRM solutions integrate recognized business processes and improved standards of quality among various pharmaceutical and clinical practices deployed in the industry. At Corevalue, we offer scalable, user-friendly CRM solutions for pharma that can easily be tailored to meet your company’s size, regardless of how small or large your company. The system usually consists of:

  • Contacts management.
  • Lead tracking.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Dashboard and charts.
  • Email processing.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Other strategic functions.

Advantages of the CRM for your Pharma business

The core benefit of CRM solutions for any industry vertical, including pharmaceutical organizations, is its paramount facility for communication efficiency. Pharma companies experience proven benefits from applying these custom solutions in practice:

  • Measuring customer views on existing drugs and modifying your sales and marketing mix to accurately suit your customers’ healthcare requirements.
  • Effectively predicting market demand for your medicines by helping to evaluate your inventory cycles, druggist purchase patterns as well as physician recommendation patterns.
  • Maximizing your promotion timeline by visibly organizing target prospect groups and their spheres of influence, as well as physicians, key opinion leaders (KOLs) and medical institutions.
  • Mobile presence for on-the-go communications to support your sales team, giving them access to all the information they need and when they need it.

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Why Salesforce CRM solutions for Pharma

As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, CoreValue will help you understand and implement all the bells and whistles of the world’s leading CRM platform. We can customize Salesforce CRM with focus on your individual business needs while making use of its out-of-the-box functionalities.

  • 24/7 (shared cloud)
  • Authentication
  • User management
  • Security and Permissions (the ORG)
  • List management
  • Performance management
  • Team collaboration
  • Mobile ready (Lightning)
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting

Your reliable pharma CRM development partner

Salesforce CRM implemented by CoreValue facilitates a coordinated approach to improved customer/patient experience across the pharma domain.

CoreValue will make it possible for you to develop new ways of reaching the market by transforming your business into a customer-centric company with a unique CRM solution. In addition, we can help guide your sales team, grow your revenues and improve customer experience, as well as enhance overall enterprise operations.

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