Enhanced Private Pictures Messenger in the Cloud

Enhanced Private Pictures Messenger in the Cloud


Fun-sharing Experience Startup


The client had need to create an application as a type of Private Pictures Messenger – the system that allows mobile users to exchange private pictures that may be viewed for a limited amount of time. The system required friend and invitation management, data encryption, effective real-time customer support and appropriate application performance and scalability.


To deliver Private Pictures Messenger, the CoreValue team focused on the Azure Cloud Platform to provide end-users with the best possible experience while matching application requirements:

  • To host the main website and administration panel for direct support of Node.js-based site.
  • To allow quick scaling during peak times for the application backend through Azure Cloud Services worker role.
  • To maximize the social graph traversing through Redis Cache.
  • To enhance performance when users access content and minimize the load of Cloud service instances with Azure Blob storage.