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Enterprise Reporting Solution


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The client wanted to improve brokerage compensation management, and leverage performance information.


To meet the client’s needs, CoreValue used Enterprise Data Warehouse to deliver a comprehensive enterprise reporting solution. The solution utilizes an integrated hierarchical report set that provides Wealth Management and other financial service organizations with the management-level ability to track key organizational, managerial, and producer-level performance vs. firm-defined key objectives. The solution was implemented with the following parts:

    • The OLTP (transactional) database used by the back-office team for capturing business transactions.
    • The extract, transformation and load (ETL) system of the DW/BI environment consisting of a work area, instantiated data structures and a set of processes.
    • The Data Warehouse staging area, a temporary location where data from source systems is stored in order to reduce the load on the operational server.
    • Data warehouse optimized for high-performance queries. The data in the DW are denormalized and prepared for analyzing and data visualization.
    • Configured SSRS in the SharePoint integrated mode for reports development.