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We empower financial institutions, wealth management, banking and insurance with technology solutions.

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Over 80% of financial institutions expect to increase FinTech partnership volume in the next three to five years.

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Enterprise System Engineering


Digital Infrastructure Management


Proprietary Legacy Application Migration


Real-Time Analytics and Forecasting


Enterprise Reporting Solutions


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Sophisticated Risk Management Systems


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by CoreValue, a fintech software development company

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Make your digital improvements with the right technology partner:

  • Since 2006, CoreValue have been helping fintech companies benefit from technology expertise, financial software development and proven engineering processes.
  • CoreValue is a trusted fintech software development company. The largest asset managers, leading innovative insuretech providers, global investment and commercial banks are among our customers.
  • Enterprises and financial institutions manage technology trends by experimenting with innovative tech within our R&D to verify new ideas with MVP/PoC; no costly investments.
  • Security and regulations adherent solutions which enable customers to get the robust controls in place

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Our Customers


Clients say

"Affordability and depth of expertise have made CoreValue a critical development partner. Their team easily scales to accommodate project size and is equally flexible with scheduling across time zones."

Suhail Mughal

CTO, QPharma | New Jersey, USA


"CoreValue work doubles the number of integrations the business can produce and is crucial to its success. Their team quickly understand project requirements and deliver high-quality solutions. Their software testing services are exceptional and set them above the competition."

Dave Olander

SVP Engineering, Olo | New York, USA


"CoreValue’s stand-out Salesforce expertise and careful business analysis resulted in a successful workflow transformation. Their agile implementation of new technologies enables ongoing improvement at the speed of client ideas and at the standard of client specs, on time and at a reasonable cost."

Allan Fraser

Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants | New York, USA


"A week after launch, there was visible platform growth, while deployment requests increased by 50%. CoreValue established a good rapport with the internal team and was communicative and easy to work with."

Stephen Milner

CEO, Ammi Systems | Belfast, Northern Ireland


"CoreValue team resolved numerous issues with legacy code in addition to handling new development. The project progressed on schedule, with three major releases in less than a year, enabling the product to go live for a customer. CoreValue took ownership over all tasks and produced high-quality code."

Ekaterina Geta

Senior Project Manager, Simplifield | Paris, France


"Our CoreValue team is a seamless extension of our team in New York. We have been very happy with the quality of work and the ownership the team has taken in what we are building. Having a regionally distributed team is never the easiest, but the team continues to come through for us time and time again."

Jason Michael

Group Product Manager, Poppin | New York, USA


“CoreValue Services’ affinity for collaboration and innovation is their greatest strength. CoreValue Services has a record for developing cutting-edge software with minimal guidance. There’s no web solution that their disciplined team can’t resolve immediately. They have the perfect amount of commitment, producing effective deliverables at a rapid pace.”

Scott Brinkley

CEO, a360inc | Texas, USA


“Corevalue are attentive to detail, they require minimal management and the quality of output is as high as in-house developers. Working alongside them has been a pleasure and I look forward to a continued partnership.”

Michael Hancock

Former CTO, Judopay | London, UK


“We've partnered with CoreValue for nearly a decade. As our organization has scaled, so has our delegation and variety of work to them. Having their managed service at hand has enabled strong tech advancements for us in every department, which has propelled us forward against our competitors. Without them, it would be impossible to achieve the innovation we have implemented.”

Gianna Scorsone

SVP, Marketing and Sales Operations, Mondo | New York, USA


"They worked quickly to launch and maintain several databases, and the KPIs supported within have informed business decisions. Core Value’s data science has offered metrics that have reduced fraud. They’ve also informed marketing decisions, improving targeting and optimizing ad spend."

Mark Merhom

Data & Analytics Engineer, Trōv | California, USA


"CoreValue’s willingness to make sure that we are collectively successful stands out. Whether it's bringing on more resources or providing some other capabilities, they go above and beyond. I have had bad experiences with vendors in the past, but CoreValue made me feel like I had nothing to worry about."

Michael Buzzell

Co-owner and CTO, NBTV Studios | New York, USA


How technology transform Financial Services. 13 successful cases

#Finance #Insurance #Banking #Wealth management

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Success Stories



A360 44 1 - FinTech expertise

R&D Services for Effective Reporting and BI

#Microsoft PowerBI #Azure SQL #FinTech #Texas, US


a360inc, a technology company that provides services to the legal, financial services and mortgage industries.


The Client needed an R&D team to provide financial software development, research and development and prototyping services as an exclusive development partner. Our team built business intelligence (BI) solution that aggregates data from disparate systems for effective reporting in order for the Client to track goal fulfillment and use that information to gauge overall organizational productivity After a meticulous POC we also built a dashboard interface for data integration software and renovated the UI of the legacy platform of the Client. By applying BI visuals to unique, organization-specific data sets within their business operations, they can allow users to create intuitive data visuals that are easy to understand and simple to interpret


  • Better ability to act based on the generated by BI solution information
  • Effective product conceptualization
  • Enhanced fulfilment of data-based goals
  • Ongoing support and maintenance after the products are released

Trov 44 - FinTech expertise

Advanced BI Solution and Tableau-based reporting for actionable insights

#BI #Tableau #InsureTech #New York, US


Trov, global leading on-demand micro-insurance technology company


Our team developed an advanced BI and reporting solution with complex architecture allowing to operate on all data across focused markets and departments. This enables making faster business decisions, while monitoring growth and sharing pertinent information/stats with the appropriate management groups and partners. In order to build an effective data visualization solution for the client’s team,after a meticulous research and POC, we opted for Tableau BI and analytic software.


  • The users can now easily go through the all-in-one-place reporting environment with advanced filtering, data-rich dashboards to make full use of the information throughout the organization.
  • The solution helps gain actionable insights and understand business performance based on statistical methods and machine learning techniques.

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