1 transparent - High Availability Solution in the Cloud

High Availability Solution in the Cloud


Compliance and brand marketing/sales support company.


The client provides regulatory compliance and brand marketing/sales support to the life science industry, delivering mission-critical information to end-users. However, the client’s system environment did not provide a high enough level of database availability, which could have resulted in data inaccessibility.

There was only a single point of database failure. So, to ensure fast and easy recovery without manual effort in case of disaster or hardware failure, a high availability solution was needed.

The CoreValue team was called into action.


CoreValue designed and configured a high availability (HA) solution with two environments, UAT and PROD on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution was based on migration of the current DB into the Cloud with minimum downtime.

In order to implement the solution, CoreValue opted for AWS as a Cloud and EC2 server as a Windows server to host Oracle DB, according to the client’s requirements.

In addition, CoreValue used Data Guard technology with Observer, which monitors availability of Primary and Slave servers and performs an automatic failover in less than one minute. Primary and Slave DBs are located in different regions, with Observer located in a different availability zone.

To minimize downtime during the migration, the Data Guard configuration was initially configured on the current server as Primary and AWS EC2 Server as Slave.