February 11, 2011

ICM Manage and Enterprise Intellectual Capital Management Software

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ICM Manage+ is an enterprise-level intellectual property management software solution.

ICM was developed to manage intellectual property such as Patents, Know-How, Trademarks and other key components of commercialization through the lifecycle. Its Key feature is maintaining relationships between contractual agreements, financial and procedural obligations and individual participants. ICM Manage+ is a true web-based system that supports a distributed, global enterprise.

ICM Manage+ is designed to meet the information system requirements of intellectual property managers for businesses ranging from a small “agent” representing one property to the largest multinational corporations. ICM Manage+ enables companies to actively manage their intellectual property assets, track information about licensing relationships of those assets, and share information within a company about these intellectual property assets and surrounding relationships.

By employing comprehensive intellectual property management applications to better manage intellectual property assets and relationships, the enterprise will achieve several benefits including:

  • Increased royalty revenues
  • Reduced cost by accurately paying royalties
  • Timely and accurate royalty collections
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Increased competitive position in their markets
  • In-depth understanding of IP assets leading to better opportunities for commercialization over the long term

ICM Manage+ is built around intellectual property, not around a ‘chart of account’ or ‘GL-like’ traditional accounting and contract administration systems. Applying the portfolio concept (a portfolio being a group of intellectual property such as know-how, trade secrets, patents, data, copyrights, trademarks and other user-defined property types) ICM Manage+ supports the initial creation of a property and then tracks the information related to this property.

It is a single point of reference to the following key information types related to Agreements and their relationships for various business events, and stakeholders:

  • Activities & Obligations
  • Relationships
  • Intellectual capital and technologies
  • Products
  • Projects
  • Agreements
  • Disputes
  • Finances
  • Reports
  • Workflow and Notification of important issues requiring action

ICM Manage+ has been developed as a web-based, enterprise-level, scalable system for managing intellectual property. Based upon the vast knowledge the CVSI has developed through the commercial use of ICM manage+ Workgroup Edition, as well as the input from experts in intellectual property, this release serves the needs of both the licensing departments of our customers, as well as the needs of users throughout their organizations who need access to information about their intellectual property and licensing agreements. The system is tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Built on Microsoft development and web technologies, ICM Manage+ is the most advanced enterprise system for intellectual property management available.

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