6 - Improved Data Results of “Find Provider” Functionality

Improved Data Results of “Find Provider” Functionality


Healthcare insurance software provider


The “Find Provider” functionality in the client’s customer application was implemented to ensure optimal use of medical insurance policy options. It provides end-users with a means to use telemedicine and the symptom checker; look up the appropriate medication; and search for medical providers based on specific criteria.
However, the medical provider’s data sample was not always accurate, which significantly decreased customer loyalty. To retain users on the platform, all data issues related to “Find Provider” functionality needed to be resolved.


CoreValue’s Data Science team adjusted the application to deliver accurate data samples for specific providers according to the following criteria:

  • Cost Prediction for a specific service by a specific provider.
  • Ranking for an accurate display of providers by search criteria.
  • Geolocation functionality that makes it possible to see the location of a provider on a map by merging the providers’ list with an actual location data list.