17 transparent - Innovative Mashup Video Platform in the Cloud

Innovative Mashup Video Platform in the Cloud


Innovative Social Startup


The client needed an application that allows its users to view mashups created in real-time from videos uploaded by them, their friends or other users.


In order to provide 24/7 accessibility and enhanced scalability for end-users, AWS Cloud Services were chosen as the application development platform.
While delivering a mashup video platform with many features and filters, implementing server and client sides, the CoreValue team focused on the Amazon Cloud Services to best match the application requirements:

  • The EC2 virtual machine was chased as the system hosting platform to allow quick scaling during peak times.
  • To provide the best performance when users access a content and minimize the load of EC2 instance, the CoreValue team switched to S3 storage.
  • CloudFront was chosen to provide the quickest access to the most popular content.