Integrated Medical Billing Solution


Medical billing service provider


The main goal of our client is to build effective solutions for handling claims submissions, tracking and payment posting. Unfortunately, the 3rd-party system they used was slow and lacked in functionality, flexibility, and scalability. To make the billing process more time- and cost-

Integrated Medical Billing Solutioneffective, the client had to implement a new Cloud-based system that fits their needs and industry security standards.


CoreValue team created a comprehensive medical billing solution that improved collections, customer satisfaction, and provided a significant reduction in time spent administering billing across the business. CoreValue performed data integration that allowed for the creation of a reporting system and dashboards, thus delivering new business insights.
Key functionalities:

  • Claim search
  • Automated process of parsing invoices
  • Billing console
  • Admin console


Microsoft .NET, MSSQL, HTML5 Front End, WebAPI Back End, Microsoft Reporting Services