12 transparent - Leveraging SF Lightning responsiveness on mobile

Leveraging SF Lightning responsiveness on mobile


Financial Consulting Company


The client required connectivity between Salesforce Lightning responsive pages and mobile native features, including contact lists to allow sales representatives to manage their customers more efficiently.


Using Salesforce Lightning, CoreValue provided a responsive application that leverages HTML5/AJAX user experience through the Lightning component framework. This was wrapped with a native app and features connector to provide access to phone/tablets contact lists. The solution dramatically increased the effectiveness of sales representatives and Salesforce adoption by removing the necessity to manage contact lists directly in SalesForce.

Although Lightning components do not allow effective offline access, which can be limiting based on the features that end-users require, the solution still resulted in the following expansion of capabilities:

  • Reusable Lightning components provide the ability to replicate key experiences from page to page without additional duplication overhead.
  • Lightning components provide a responsive user experience off-the-shelf.
  • Leveraging connectivity to native features allows tight integration of apps with operating systems and hardware (access to contacts, mail, maps, and hardware features including camera, microphone).