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Salesforce Solution – a Case Study
Client Feedback

After working with CoreValue for over four (4) years now, we have found the collaboration to be a very positive experience. Their team is always knowledgeable and professional, and their services, especially in the areas of development and Q.A., have allowed us to utilize the latest technologies to totally transform our business.

Allan Fraser, Director of Information Technology, Milrose Consultants

Project Overview

After previous vendors had failed to provide a workable solution for a cloud-based workflow overhaul, CoreValue Services migrated the client to Salesforce, by providing development of new features, as well as ongoing support.

Invested Amount $1.5 million
Status of Engagement 2013 − ongoing
Team involved 18 people at peak times
Technologies Ant, Apex, AppExchange, Data Loader, FinancialForce, Force .com IDE, SalesForce, SF Rest API, VisualForce

Client Description

Milrose Consultants, a leading construction management company in New York City.

Business Challenge

In order to transform their entire business and project management functionality, the client faced challenges with their outdated application and needed a new cloud-based application that would relieve their reliance on old equipment, software and constant updates. Two previous attempts with other vendors resulted in failure and loss to the company. It included wasting approximately $1 million on a failed effort to develop an application in Catalyst. CoreValue understood the client’s needs and met them in the best way possible by collaborating with them to develop an application built to their exact specifications.

CoreValue’s Role and Solution

CoreValue and the client settled on migration from antiquated proprietary project management and accounting software to the modern Salesforce platform. This was no simple task. CoreValue performed all background programming and development, as well as a full business analysis of the client’s company. CoreValue met almost daily with their different departments to understand and analyze their actual workflow. We learned how Milrose Consultants utilized the old application, and how some processes could be migrated to the new one. The processes that could not be migrated were improved, duplicated or eliminated where unnecessary.

CoreValue’s customization of the client’s Salesforce platform included the creation of the Proposal Wizard, which was developed to their exact specification. The Wizard enables a user to build a proposal step-by-step, moving from screen to screen through a process of question and answer. When done, the proposal has been created and sends the document to the client for signing.

With an aim to be as efficient as possible, CoreValue provided varying team sizes depending on the client’s needs. The project began with three developers, some QA people, project managers creating comprehensive documentation and user manuals for their employees, all working closely with the client’s own team.

milrose22 500x270 - Milrose Consultants and CoreValue Collaboration


Through CoreValue services, the client must no longer rely on antiquated software or equipment. They no longer need to worry about ransomware and other issues. Their employees can now fully work in the cloud from any location. They have the freedom to work from the office, at home, on an iPad or even from a vacation.

Milrose has invested over $1.5 million with us since February 2013 when we began working together. Improvements are ongoing, with changes being incorporated on a weekly basis. It has been a successful journey for both of us.

What Impressed Them

Milrose was most impressed with our ability to pick up new technologies and get them swiftly working to their specifications. CoreValue has helped them not only adopt Salesforce, but also:

  • Drawloop for document creation.
  • Amazon Web Services for storage of their files.
  • DocuSign for electronic signatures that are required on their contracts and proposals.

CoreValue’s ability to keep up with everything that Milrose wants to do has kept them coming back for more.

Are you wondering what distinguishes CoreValue from other providers? We are unique because all of our resources are top quality and focused on excellent service delivery. CoreValue will always deliver secure technological infrastructures and processes that will support new technology initiatives, so that clients like Milrose Consultants© can better serve their consumers.

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