2 1 - MS SQL and Oracle Consolidation

MS SQL and Oracle Consolidation


Telecommunication and media company


With a large number of servers and databases, the client was experiencing an unbalanced server load, which resulted in inefficient use their hardware resources, as well as increased costs for server support and licensing.

With the primary goal of providing and implementing an effective consolidation plan for server load optimization and decreased licensing cost, CoreValue was called to the rescue.


After in-depth analysis of the operating environment that included more than 250 servers, CoreValue implemented a comprehensive consolidation of MS SQL (2000-2012) and Oracle (9i-12c) databases and servers with the following results:

  • 54 servers were decommissioned.
  • 14 servers were migrated.
  • 34 servers were planned for migration.

As a result, the combined cost savings in licensing, hardware and support reached more than USD 2 million.