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Using cloud-based software, you’ll gain actionable intelligence about parking in your city or business and put it right to work. Change rate structures based on occupancy. Add enforcement officers based on the weather forecast. Simplify permitted parking by going digital. View heat maps for an instant snapshot of key metrics or produce detailed reports on activity, revenue, and efficiencies. Best of all, this data is easily accessed at the office on a desktop, at home on a tablet, or from anywhere with a smartphone.


Parktoria Modules allow you to pick and choose the features and functionality necessary for your parking system. Add Enforcement to track officer activity and digitally produce citations that are accurate and heavily defended. Add Permitting to automate your process for creating, issuing, and enrolling for permits. AddOnline Citation Payment to completely automate the ticket payment process. The more integrated technology your Parktoria system has, the more powerful and efficient your parking system becomes.


Infield equipment and management software increases efficiency of enforcement activity thanks to real-time information. Reduce errors and harvest defendable evidence.
While the Pay-by-app and Pay-by-text simplifies the process for parkers and increases compliance, the Digital evidence collected with Parktoria at citation issuance reduces number of disputes, increases payment compliance and simplifies citation process.


  • Android
  • Java
  • SQLite
  • Eclipse
  • Android Studio