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CoreValue provides pharma marketing software with custom solutions to optimize industry-specific customer experience and improve your business efficiency

Software for Pharma Marketers

For pharma companies, which constantly struggle for the best results utilizing data analysis, technological opportunities enable greater efficiency and tailored marketing strategy to ensure their customers receive relevant valuable communication.

CoreValue offers exclusive software your marketers and sales reps to process all vital information in a timely manner with utmost efficiency. They enable:

  • Specific services for ad-hoc campaigning
  • Full control over company marketing campaigns
  • Improved relationship
  • Automated market intelligence and analytics
  • Timely reporting
  • All-inclusive brand marketing
  • eMarketing and ePromotion

Customized Pharma Marketing Software

The transformation of pharma business necessitated an unconventional technology development to move in sync with industry evolution. Successful technical advancement applied to pharmaceuticals increases the efficiency of dynamic marketing automation solutions for a fast paced, ever-changing pharmaceutical marketing environment and personalized delivery of healthcare. CoreValue offers software varying in complexity and feature combinations that enables pharma marketers to perform to the fullest.

Сustomized end-to-end applications can yield significantly viable results in pharmaceutical marketing than a separate default app. With our pharma software, you can easily execute and integrate your business strategy from the very start to the highest level.

We have extensive experience in the development of pharma software that can enable marketers and sales through optimized management of product marketing campaigns, the supply of exhaustive real-time insights, in-depth product details, faster response to client queries, industry updates and regulatory changes.

Benefits of custom software development for pharma marketers

Skilfully tailored pharma software solution enables technology to become an integral part of the sales and marketing processes, which in turn gives organizations the agility and flexibility vital to the swiftly changing life sciences market.

Our user-friendly and rich in features software is the perfect tool for:

  • Improved planning, strategic execution and marketing productivity
  • Better engagement with potential and existing customers
  • Profitability analysis by product, customer, demographics, etc
  • Advanced insights, feedback and ROI analytics
  • Cost reduction and optimized company expenditures tracking
  • Conforming to changing industry-specific regulations
  • Managing KOL profiles productively
  • Enhanced brand awareness and PR efforts

Reinforce your marketing efforts with our software solutions.

Exhaustive Customer Engagement

Software for pharmaceutical marketing lets you systematize campaigns’ data and enable tracking of leads/contacts at every single engagement stage in order to accelerate sales and customer services. CRM systems for web or mobile provides marketers and sales reps with the marketing automation capabilities alongside the opportunity to manage leads, activities, pipelining, operate with centralized information, and receive detailed insights into clients’ demographics, preferences, etc. CRM app combined with content orchestrated system can become a productive tool for highly effective CLM for the exclusive engagement with your customer.

Advanced Reporting

Software solution for marketing professionals streamlines your activities according to analytics, revenue, and prioritization. It helps you identify the best areas with the likelihood for the greatest campaign productivity. With powerful custom applications and business intelligence tools, your organization can adapt its marketing efforts to new trends like big data integration, customer segmentation, campaign analysis, automated market analytics, agile prescriber targeting, clinical trials process optimization, etc. It offers value-based insights and reporting potential that can support you in fulfilling marketing and sales goals in a timely manner for everyday activities or strategic planning.

CoreValue is a trusted provider of pharma marketing software

Pharmaceutical marketing strives for high impact targeting medical professionals – prescribers with efficient messages applying the whole variety of instruments including CLM (Closed Loop marketing).

With on-the-go secure access to the crucial information, the reps have better chances to distribute approved messages and approach their needed audience with the viable info that make a measurable difference in pharmaceutical marketing results.

Our software for pharma business is integrated with the third-party platforms to make it easy to manage marketing activities.

Pharma marketing solutions to help your grow.

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