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CoreValue offers robust timely solutions for efficient care

For pharmaceutical companies, which constantly struggle for best results in this ever competitive industry, technological opportunities enable greater efficiency and improvement in system management for those willing to utilize data analysis to the fullest extent possible.

CoreValue offers exclusive software solutions for pharma mobile sales data entry. With our user-friendly, robust CRM solutions, your managers and sales reps will process all vital information in a timely manner with utmost efficiency.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Pharmaceuticals

The increase of efficiency through client contact tracking is the key benefit of mobile CRM for the pharma industry. Sophisticated pharma mobile CRM solutions offer cloud-based databases with critical timely information, important details coverage and customized data whenever and wherever needed.

  • Contact/Company profiling and tracking
  • Smooth communication and mobility
  • Process and performance enhancement
  • Product and drug sample management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Advanced targeting tools
  • Integrated closed loop technology and content orchestration
  • Report and presentation generation
  • Integrated closed loop technology and content orchestration

Why Mobile CRM for Pharma?

Pharma CRM software helps your team to easily meet the challenges of building long standing relationships with customers, partners and care providers, and boost your sales force within time and budget. Technological advancements make it possible for pharma reps to utilize modern and more efficient marketing techniques alongside real-time reporting capabilities that conform to new regulations and ever-changing environment. Sales and management teams are able to monitor, target, prepare and execute business plans with actionable analytics to guide and support data-driven decisions. With skillfully applied pharma mobile CRM solutions, your pharmaceutical company can efficiently:

  • Create and track sales and marketing activities with improved performance through better communication between departments and users.
  • Data access anytime, anywhere, resulting in effective scheduling and targeting, as well as more precise planning and coaching.
  • Drive patient recruitment with the ability to handle complex relationships between pharma companies and individual/institutional customers.
  • Manage clinical trials with a focus on specialty medical care, the launch of new product, and defined care areas/segments.

What Does Your Team Need from a Mobile CRM Solution?

The unique pharma industry processes and regulatory requirements call for specifically designed mobile CRM solutions which would supports all your marketing and sales teams with a sophisticated system configurable for specific services.

  • Robust functionality and optimization for the pharma sales force
  • Rich customizations and integrations for exhaustive operational performance
  • Responsive design and configurations for exclusive customer interactions

How CoreValue Can Help Pharma Reps Succeed?

CoreValue provides scalable and easy-to-deploy mobile CRM solutions tailored to your business needs. They are smoothly integrated with industry leading third party systems and suites, making it easy for your management and sales team to get the best results from their functionalities. With tasks, custom records for sample tracking, automatic leads and contact classification, emailing, reporting, etc., you can fulfill automatic operational routines in a perfectly structured way from your desk or while on-the-go.

Featured Case Studies

Mobile CRM Solution for Pharma Sales Reps

CoreValue delivered a highly scalable CRM solution for iPAD as a main target platform. Its intuitive interface, on- and offline functionality and comprehensive analytics are specifically designed for pharma sales reps who need data access in real-time for improved business critical decisions and more productive engagement to drive better care outcomes. CRM quickly integrates with third-party applications and other customized products offering even better analytics for the users.

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