Pharma Sales Software Development

Accelerate your business with custom software for pharmaceutical sales reps!

CoreValue offers custom software development and applications that enable pharmaceutical companies to optimize industry-specific customer experience and dramatically improve your sales.

Our team helps customers increase revenue with functionality for sales activities like planning, marketing, reporting and comprehensive analytics.

Software Development

We can help you build advanced software for pharmaceutical sales, marketing, clinical trials processing, patient engagement portals, integrations with EMR and PMS, and a lot more. We have extensive experience in the development of software for medical and pharma industries, that can enable on-the-go sales force through the supply of exhaustive real-time insights, in-depth product details, faster response to queries, healthcare industry updates and regulatory changes.

Business Intelligence

With more than a decade of experience in Business Intelligence (BI) systems, we supply solutions that aid our clients in making better informed management decisions, which in turn leads to good allocation of assets and resources relating to new product development and improving the priorities in sales and marketing initiatives – all helping your company to grow.

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Software for Pharma Sales Reps

Sales operations, such as strategy, forecasting, enablement, analytics and automation, are vital processes for your organization’s success. Dynamic marketplace requirements and increasing regulatory pressure oblige salespeople to make quick and timely decisions. Sales processes, along with data management, analytics and report generation utilize industry-tailored technology solutions like CRM in order to deliver those decisions quickly.

Better Customer Relationships

Pharmaceutical software lets salespeople and marketers systematize clients’ data and track contacts/leads at every single engagement stage in order to accelerate sales and customer services. CRM systems for web or mobile provide reps with the opportunity to manage leads, activities, pipelining, operate with centralized information, and receive detailed insights into customer demographics, preferences, etc.

Reporting Capabilities

Software for medical and pharma companies streamlines your activities according to analytics, revenue, and prioritization. It helps you identify the best areas with the likelihood for the greatest productivity. With powerful custom applications and BI tools, your organization can adapt its distribution activities to new trends like big data integration, agile prescriber targeting, clinical trials process optimization, etc. It offers value-based insights and reporting potential that can help you pursue goals in a timely manner for everyday activities or strategic planning.

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Benefits of custom software development for pharma sales reps

Skilfully tailored apps enable technology to become an integral part of the sales process, which in turn give organizations the agility and flexibility vital to the swiftly changing healthcare and life sciences market.

Our easy-to-use applications for pharma sales reps is the perfect tool to use for:

  • Fulfilling distribution planning and strategic execution

  • Dramatically improve your sales and productivity

  • Access to advancing sales insights and ROI analytics

  • Reducing costs and optimize expenditures

  • Engaging with potential and existing customers

  • Receiving and analyzing instant feedback

  • Improving new product time to market

  • Conforming to changing industry-specific regulations

  • Managing KOL profiles productively

  • Growing brand awareness and enhancing PR efforts

CoreValue − a trusted provider of pharma sales rep software

Our development team builds end-to-end solutions that can improve your sales pipeline and customer relationships. With BI solutions and visualization tools, data management and CRM systems by CoreValue, all collected distribution data and client information can be perfectly organized and transformed into actionable results. Our software for medical and pharma industries are integrated with third-party platforms to make it easy for salespeople to manage deals and marketing activities.

Consolidate your sales strategies with our software solutions.

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