Pharmacovigilance system for data processing and reporting


A pioneer in the safety and pharmacovigilance space, bringing the first commercially available drug safety system to the life sciences industry


Our client needed the EDC system for capturing data into database dealing with drug trials for further data utilization in statistics reporting. CoreValue development team built a highly customized system capable of adaptation to different kinds of trials and with the possibility to integrate with external services. EDC system is fully integrated with IWRS/Supply, ePRO, coding, CTMS and internal patient compliance modules which offers sponsors and CROs a cost-effective way to capture, manage and report clinical research data during Phase I-IV. The most valuable features incorporated in the suite include integration with the internal safety system, improved performance and comprehensive custom reporting option.

Tools and Technologies

.NET, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Business Domain, eCRF, jQuery, Medical, Medical Standards, MSSQL, Web Development